Free A Reflection of “Her Underground” Philosophy Essay Sample

In her well-documented work, "Her Underground", the feminist philosopher Dr. Donna Giancola has indicated the relationship between feminism and environment. Eco-feminism is a philosophical idea that links feminist and ecologic ideas. Giancola reveals the core principles of eco-feminism as important aspects suitable worldwide. Feminism exposes eco-feminist principles that salvage women’s right and the overall health of the planet.

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Principles of Eco-feminism

The first principle of eco-feminism deals with the equation of women to nature. For ages, women have been linked with forests, oceans, animals, and flowers. On the other hand, their counterparts, the men, are associated with technology, factories and machines. Therefore, women are viewed as more natural and earthly than men. Cultural language refers to forests as “virgin”, and the nature is referred to as “Mother Nature” instead of nature alone. Such an assumption gives men a chance to oppress women just the way they exploit the nature. Donna Giancola challenges the idea that women are closer to nature than men.

The author states that the second principle of eco-feminism deals with the equation of females to animals. Women are referred to as bunnies, cougars, bitches, cows, and vixens. According to Donna Giancola, this reflects the attitude that females are a form of animals. She challenges the idea that women are like animals and that animals are inferior.

Feminist political ecosystem is the third principle of eco-feminism. Feminist political ecosystem proposes termination of structures responsible for patriarchy and ecological destruction. Such a principle supports a post-structural, anarchist political structure where deep ecological principles dominate.  The principle includes an egalitarian look of both women and environment that would eliminate animal abuse, women exploitation and other evils connected to patriarchy. The eco-feminist political scenery would include an egalitarian, nurturing and holistic concern for men, women, children, animals, and plants.


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