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In his book, James Austin classifies chance as the degree to which humans react to one another and to their environment; in chance 1, the events that occur in a person’s life are out of blind luck. He further states that individuals have no control over what happens to them; therefore, they cannot influence the chances of such events occurring. These events are random and the probability of them reoccurring is very low; and may occur after a very long time. In my case, I have had a few good and bad lucks that I have not in any way influenced their occurence; most of these situations are out of blind luck.

One day on a sunny afternoon, I decided to take a walk by the beach; my mind wandered across the ocean as I gazed at the horizon wondering if it is true that the sea touches the clouds on the horizon. The wind blew sea water, sand and other objects that were swept from the sea to my feet. I enjoyed the feeling of the cool breeze and the cold, salty water that swept across my feet. With the last sweep, I felt something hard hit my leg and I jumped out of fear; the first thing that came to my mind was a crab or a dangerous sea animal. Gazing down I noticed a small golden box that was covered in sand; but was still shining amidst the sand. Without hesitation, I picked the box and opened it; it was tightly sealed, so I had to go home and break it. To my amazement; I found a pair of diamond earrings that must have costed a fortune.  I consider this blind luck because I had no control of the occurrence and it does not occur every day to any person that decides to take a walk by the beach.

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On another incident, I sat alone at a corner in a train with my headphones on. Everybody looked busy and in a rush since it was a Monday morning. The train was overcrowded as many people stood in the corridor because they had no choice or any other means of getting to work. I moved further towards the corner to give more space for the woman standing next to me that seemed uncomfortable with her posture. On the floor, right where I was stepping I noticed a few dollars rolled up in a rubber band; I did a quick math and realized it was more than one hundred dollars. As I alighted from the train and made my way out of the crowded train station, I realized this was out of sheer luck because collecting money on the floor of a train was a very rare occurrence. This was out of blind luck because no one else saw the money but me.

On one windy evening as I was taking out garbage; the wind blew a lottery ticket to my feet, and to my pleasant surprise, it was unscratched. I quickly rushed back to the house and scratched it; it was a prize of one thousand dollars. I called the lottery station to confirm the number and I found out that it was actually genuine; the lottery ticket was blind luck since I did not purchase the ticket but I collected it next to my house. The next day I went down to the lottery office and collected 1000 dollars. The chances of any other person collection a one thousand dollar lottery ticket in the near future are considerably minimal.

In all these cases, the events that have occurred are out of blind luck that I had no control over; this is as explained by Austin in chance 1. The chances of any of these events reoccurring are very minimal. It may take years for such events to reoccur considering, the fact that, these events chances of recurring cannot be influenced by anyone. The chances of getting thirteen spades, collecting a lottery ticket or money from a train are almost impossible; most people admit that in their life time, they have not had any blind luck.


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