Free The Serial Sneak Thief Essay Sample

This book is a 157 page September 1997 publication by Marshall Cavendish Corporation. It is a Juvenile Fiction novel targeting children aged 8 years and above. The book is extremely portable at the dimensions of 8.3 x 6.7 x 0.8 inches and shipping weight of 12.8 ounces.

The book revolves around a master criminal character known as The Chameleon. This character is threatening to disrupt a mystery contest that is to be held at the public library. However, J.G. and the other watch dogs are keeping an eye on him, also investigating his claims.

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In the book, Chameleon comes across as a disturbed character and his disorder leads him to threaten the destruction of the library and in the process the disruption of a detective’s swap that is staged by Felicity and the library director as a publicity project.  A library club watchdog unit calling themselves the Mystery Club Watchdog Squad is assigned the event by the police but instead, they have to find The Chameleon before innocent members of the public gets hurt.

The writer paints a wry picture of the scene at the library with but forces the readers to pay attention to clues so as to understand. There is the A-V librarian who wishes for a high-tech library, the library Director who is always eager to impress the board and wants to take advantage of this event, the custodian who comes across as overbearing, and the Referencing librarian who considers herself very important. They are all painted in an easily recognizable manner befitting their respective characters.

In the end, the suspect (read The Chameleon) is on the run and takes the Watchdog Squad in circles but is finally apprehended, and a valuable gallery of a very important book that belongs to the library is recovered from him.


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