Free Three Great Reasons to Graduate from College Essay Sample

College graduation is a landmark event in one’s life and career. There is an old adage that “education is the key to success”. Graduating from college is an important indicator of one’s educational achievement and subsequent progress in life. Graduating is proof that an individual has attained the level of education he or she claims. Certificate award associated with graduation is issued as proof that education standard mentioned is attained. This is usually required for verification purposes particularly where employment is concerned. There are more acceptable ways of graduating. These are mainly through formal education systems. There are a number of great reasons one should graduate from college as discussed below. These could range from employment opportunities, income, and further education among others.

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Graduating from college offers one a number of opportunities in most important life circumstances. This will range to personal career growth, advance for further education and available and competitive employment opportunities. These opportunities are mainly available on competitive basis based on academic qualifications and probably work experience one has acquired over the years. This normally leads a person to a life of success and personal growth. Even though there are cases of successful individuals who never graduated from any college, they often have stories of struggling behind their success. They have to work harder, do menial jobs and struggle to make ends meet before they could really achieve real success.

College graduates mainly have advantage when it comes to securing employment opportunities available than their non-graduates counterparts. This is one major advantage in capitalism economy where graduates are considered good candidates needed to do a particular job, easy to train and can easily comprehend technical aspects of work . Income is related to academic qualification and type of job one is interested in. some jobs pay more than others, while others are considered more prestigious than others. Graduates will usually earn more money because the perception is that they are trained and more qualified for the job. They are normally promoted shortly where appraisal is based on the key performance indicators of a job.

Graduating from college is important for further education. Where an individual whishes to pursue further studies, proof he or she has covered the previous level is mandatory. University learning will be more comfortable for those who have gone through college education than those who never graduated from college. Some students who would like to go for further studies without college level education might find it harder since their applications may be turned down. Others may be forced to undergo remedial courses to bridge the gap before being admitted. It is therefore important for one to acquire college level education before advancing to university.

Graduating from college as more advantages other than the three discussed above. Students should not ignore it since it is important part of one’s life and career development. Graduates usually have a high self-esteem and have the possibilities of achieving more in their life time than non-graduates. It is therefore a requirement and that is why the universal goal of education is at least everyone knows how to read and write. It all starts from the basics.


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