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I live in United States of America where I am a senior college student majoring in business management. I have earned a good foundation in business management from the college which I am currently majoring. In order to benefit from my education so far, I strongly feel that I require high quality training from Chapman University to enable me pursue my long term goals of the management of finance and asset management that is based on well developed business management skills. The training will also enable me advice many people and institutions on their business management strategies. I am a person who loves and appreciates the American diversity and the multiple cultural activities. I am especially inspired by the experience of some business management professionals from Chapman University who are very successive in various global business sectors and I look forward to sharing the business management perspectives of people from the university.

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There are other reasons that have compelled me to transfer to Chapman University. Firstly, I can't afford to stay at my current college due to financial pressures that I always experience. Secondly, I need an academic upgrade since I am not feeling challenged at my current college. For instance, I earn very high grades that I think can be able to win me an admission to a better university. Further, I believe that Chapman university which is more prestigious will offer better educational and career opportunities and I have discovered that leading at a relatively low ranked institution cannot enable me obtain the required high educational standards. Thirdly, I have discovered that I want to major in a specific business field. Therefore I want to transfer to one of the university since it offers high quality training and produce highly qualified professionals in the field of business as compared to my current college. Finally, the culture at my college has turned out to be the opposite of what I required. I'd like to transfer to Chapman university that is characterized by more active social life as compared to the one at the college because after all the learning institution is not just about academics.

More especially, I look forward to learn how to apply the most modern management tools that are used by some professionals today. My major passion in life is to learn all the aspects of business management and to fully master and understand the management methods that are highly valid in the modern business markets. I am looking forward to attending the Chapman University's program because I strongly believe that it will provide a well coordinated and sequential approach to the various aspects of business management and also the necessary tools that enables people to become competent business managers as compared to my current college.

While at Chapman University, I want to become a very productive student of business management in my life and I strongly feel that the little experience I gained during my internship in the field of business will reinforce my eligibility for the program in the university.

Although am not a native speaker, the fact that I study in a college has inspired me to a high level of concern on global business issues. I feel that I posses a basic understanding of the world business and am anticipating to enhance my skills so that I become more effective, productive and an efficient team player in the establishment and development of  modern business management patterns. Therefore, the Chapman University program will reinforce a common good in global business management. Thank you.


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