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The situation at Wooden factory located in Littlebury is hazardous and life threatening not only to the employees in the factory but also to the small town where it is located. The accumulation of wood dust has reached risky levels that could lead to explosion. Indeed, Karen, who is a workmate, has noticed some sparks being released at her workstation when operating a machine. The employees have raised their concerns over the years about the high levels of dust accumulation on all surfaces that can cause explosion. In addition, this dust is also a detriment to their health. The responses from the relevant departments about these concerns seem to be ignored. It is clear that the employer, safety coordinator, and area manager who have been informed about the issue do not seem to act. They have denied the possibility of an explosion due to the wood dust. As an employee of this factory, I would take another step and report the situation to an external authority that can intervene and get it corrected. The appropriate authority would be an organization or association dealing with workers safety and labour issues in companies.

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In case the situation in the company is not reported, the best decision would be to act as a representative of the other employees and inform the management about our concerns about the increased wood dust levels. Informing the management how this work situation is affecting employee's productivity would trigger positive response thus making efforts to improve and clean up the dust. However this may as well not be taken seriously by the management as earlier reported cases but in case of any explosion, they management will have been informed in advance. This will therefore be the factory's liability.

There are possible consequences that would arise after reporting the situation at the factory. Firstly, the factory would be authorised to act immediately and improve the situation to ensure conducive working environment for the employees. Secondly, the people involved in reporting the condition could risk loosing their jobs or being dismissed by the factory. People like Karen who had reported the case earlier to their immediate supervisors would face interrogation from other senior managers since she was the one who had reported evidence of sparks in her workstation. However, there could also be threats to the rest of the employees by the management to prevent such an occurrence in future. The management could also view this situation as undermining the management of the factory. In addition, the factory could also earn a negative image on how it treats its employees if a third party is involved in reinforcing employees views about possible hazards while this a task the management can handle.

On the other hand if the workplace condition is not reported there is a possibility of the situation getting worse since the leaders in the company have shown no interest in alleviating the problem. This implies the employee will work in fear of an explosion and this will lower productivity. Since wood dust has negative impacts on health, there is a possibility of increased cases of illnesses in the factory, which would in turn lead to increased employees sick leaves.

Reporting the work condition is whistle blowing in that a situation that could lead to negative consequences will be prevented. The dangerous work situation in Wooden factory can be described as a case of negligence since employees had raised their concerns severally about the increased wood dust levels on almost all surfaces. The owner of the company and other senior managers had ignored these concerns and therefore the move to report this situation to other authorities can be morally justified. This is because there were clear indicators of health hazards that would lead to more serious and fatal incidences such as explosion due to the increased wood dust levels.


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