Free Domestic Corporal Punishment Essay Sample

Domestic corporal punishment is a form of installing self regulation to children from a parent figure. This method increases compliance with parental commands. Every society is governed by a set of rules and protocols, to ensure a smooth flow of interaction .There are many consequences if those rules aren't adhered to .This calls for a sense of responsibility within a person. A domestic setting is the basis of every society and therefore, it shouldn't be an exception when it comes to rules and regulations. To make the society a better living place, we must start by ensuring that we acquire good moral characters right from our homes. These good and rare qualities come as a result of great effort by parents, who ensure that their children are fully disciplined .This can be achieved by creating a sense of fear within children if certain commands are not followed. There is no better method to achieve this than the use of corporal punishment.

The corporal punishment doesn't necessarily have to be brutal. This depends with the stage at which you start to issue such punishments to your child. If you start early, the better, as the child will get used to self regulation and even reach a point where corporal punishment will be useless. Late application of this method is not advisable since the child is already used to a carefree life. Therefore, it is better to start this as early as possible .This can be done by simple spanking, finger pointing, slaps and denial of certain things that the child requests. After a consecutive show of self regulation, the child should be applauded or rewarded. This will enable the child to differentiate between wrong and good deeds. For a normal child, it will be easier to choose doing well in expectation of a reward. The child won't opt to be careless lest corporal punishment is received.

Corporal punishment ensures that there is sufficient protection, guidance and safety for the child. Children with carefree attitude and who do not receive corporal punishments tends to be very rude, adventure dangerously and have low self esteem of life whereas children who receive punishment are more organized and have passion for life. Therefore, every child should receive punishment when necessary. This enables children to set their goals in life and be more organized. When such is done, children will be more organized and will set their own goals in life. Most parents reckon that children can't be allowed to make their own decisions because they lack experience in life and are prone to laziness.

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To make wise decisions on how a child should behave and perform duties, special considerations should be made on how such would affect the life of a child in future .The childish years are a platform for designing and adding value to a person's life. Under no circumstances should a child be left to make wrong decisions or behave irresponsibly. Since all parents and guardians have enough life experience, they should advice and guide children in making wise decisions. To do this, proper measures should be taken, including punishment, when children refuse to adhere to the formulated rules. In the case of laziness, it occurs when children don't feel at any time responsible for their actions. This is because they don't expect any form of punishment when they don't achieve what is expected of them.

A child who receives corporal punishment tends to be more honest in the perspective of performing duties. This makes a child to be more trustworthy and reliable. If children are in a position to tell the truth, they are better placed to receive guidelines from their parent. Honesty brings about openness in the family. Therefore, it paves way for children to be open enough to their parents on issues affecting them, especially at the adolescent stage. Later in future, these children become trusted people in the society as they don't have the weakness of taking shortcuts in life. Such personality is rare to find and proper measures should be taken to install the discipline of honesty.

However, however much corporal punishment is good, proper measures should be taken when issuing these punishments, to protect children from excessive exercising of the parents' powers. Therefore, when issuing punishment, parents should be very careful not to extend the level of punishment and harm the child. Furthermore, it's their blood. Only simple corporal punishment should be used. If the right level of punishment is issued, children will tend to respect their parents more knowing that they are doing this for their own good. With this combination of thoughts from the parent and the child, the real purpose of punishment will be met.

The domestic setting is supposed to provide love, care and sense of protection. In order to offer this protection and basic affection, the sacrifice of corporal punishment is worthy. As much as it affects the way a child relates to their parents, so does it for the parent. However, as long as it is done for the welfare of the child, there is no need to raise alarm over such an issue. Most children that receive corporal punishment ends up being mature and responsible people in the society, as they already understand the benefits of observing rules and the consequences of not doing so. Therefore, it's a challenge to everyone to ensure that our beloved children are corrected in the most effective way, which in this case is corporal punishment. In doing so, we will be making their future lives easier but by avoiding them, they become burdens to us.