Free Fear Of WMD Essay Sample

WMD brings out great impact on day to day life of the people involved. Most people die, others loose their jobs and still most live with disabilities in their entire life. As many people may think of WMD as key to strong defense a country might have, it is of great advantage for them to focus on the negative impacts that follows the use of the same.

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In US for example, the fear of WMD has led to the implementation of policies to curb attacks and enhance security. By thinking that Saddam Hussein of Iraq could end up manufacturing nuclear weapons due to Iraq's technological advancement, president bush deployed US military to ensure such does not happen. Advised "Three or four men could contribute in units of atomic bomb and manage to blow up New York".

Currently US is worried that North Korea and Iran could threaten world's security by their efforts to manufacture nuclear weapons. This has led to peace talks between US and those two countries in effort to stop the production of those weapons. International conventions are held time to time to try and see how impacts of WMD on moral positions can be addressed.

This fear has made people to be more cautious in their effort to enhance security. Most public places like airports, conference halls and the like have their security enhanced by application of screening services and detectors. Detectors are also used by most countries to prevent them from external attacks. The law enforcement process which tries to implement policies has had conflict with the public as they see as if they are being harassed especially when screened or when security check is conducted to them.

In conclusion, the fear of WMD has been felt allover the world and people are more cautious and have enforced laws and implemented policies to keep them secured against all odds.


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