Free Gender Equality Essay Sample

The issue of gender equality has always been a big problem to every state in the world. This issue only has weight on the side of women. Women are not always given a chance to participate in the same affairs with men as they are considered inferiors. Gender equality in this case has a meaning prevalence of equality among the two sexes of which is both the male and female. Women are always complaining over the issue of gender sensitivity as they are considered to be a sex that cannot make any good in every kind of activity that they participate in. There are many bodies in the world that are created to enhance gender sensitivity in ever activity that may require the potential of any within the bracket of the two genders.

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Many men always violate the fact that women are also part of the being species and this violation leads to the rise of certain problems that at times tend to have a negative impact on women's lives. Though there are many problems that women face, there is one specific area where women are always claiming for equality. Women are not always allowed to make decisions related to family affairs in their homes. Men are always believed to be the head of families any decision made in the family, must be approved by family heads. This undermines the female gender as there are some decisions made by the male that may cause a lot of problems to them. This is most common in matters pertaining to reproduction. Here women are not always allowed to give their opinion.

A woman is not allowed to give her opinion on the number of children she thinks should be in their family. This is a female matter but due to gender inequality, men have taken this matter o be theirs as women as not expected to question or give any comment on men's decision. This has therefore made women to join hands together infighting for this right which is obviously theirs. This right has not yet found a solution as those who they claim or table their requests before, are men. This is so because they are the ones in authority.

When this right is granted freely to women, the world can be such a peaceful place to live in. Equality is one of those important things that need to be put into consideration for peace to prevail between the two genders. With peace, there can be a good relationship linking both the male and female together hence resulting to a good understanding. After this good relationship and understanding, men will value women and equality will be enhanced.


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