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Racism had for a long time been based on the idea that the different categories of people that have been classified into races have their differences in their genetic make-up. The idea of Eugenics was based on basic Mendelian genetics that the quality of the offspring is dependent on the quality of the parents. Eugenics therefore sought to preserve a pure white race. The intermarriage between whites and other races that were considered to be less intelligent was stopped. This was the result of the thinking that intermarriages could have produced children that physically and intellectually inferior due to differences in genetic composition.  However, recent findings have indicated that the genes of the various races that were initially considered discordant have been shown to have the closest genetic matches. Genes controlling inheritable diseases were found in all the populations.
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Since the biological argument has been proven not to be valid and that all races are genetically uniform, the idea of race is rendered a social construct.  This is evidenced by the fact that colonialist's viewed races other than white as inferior. In fact, the idea of superiority arose from slavery conditions that the blacks were subjected to. The whites suppressed their quest for liberty, seeing them as inferior and not worthy of any freedom.  This idea was later reinforced by Eugenics, which propagated ideas of the superiority of the white race, and advocated for the eliminating of other races.

In addition, racial beliefs have always been attached to social ideas and policy. It is therefore arguable that if differences between groups are natural, nothing should therefore be done to correct such outcomes. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that scientists in the late 19th century and early 20th century devoted their time to documenting racial differences and promoting man's natural hierarchy.  Moreover, the emerging of American popular culture fueled racial explanations behind American power and progress, further developing the ideas of white superiority in the minds of the people.

In conclusion, the social implications to justice  is that these are social inequalities that have been rationalized as natural, thus diverting attention from the social practices and public policies that benefit the white or any other group considered superior  at the expense of others. In addition, racial hate, and continued judgment of people based n the identified characteristics that describe their race.


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