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Marijuana refers to a crude drug made from Cannabis sativa. The plant has more than 400 chemicals in it, and some result to mind altercation, as they are psychoactive. Debate still rages as to whether the drug be legalized or not. As some people argue against the legalization of the Marijuana, the validation of the drug is beneficial. Some of the benefits associated with the drug include its usage in hospitals as a sedative, earning of revenue from its sales by the farmers, the government earns income from its taxation and the reduction in the fight against the drug means saving on state resources. This paper presents arguments supporting the legalization of Marijuana.

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Firstly, legalization of Marijuana will benefit farmers and the economy of the country. Due to its wide demand, many farmers will plant it for sell. This earns the profits while at the same time, the industries that process the drug will need labor meaning the economy will improve. Marijuana has other purposes. For instance, its stalks assist in making fiber. The demand for fiber is on the rise as it makes good cushions for chairs. The seeds from the drug function also as economic good since they make oil and food. This is according to research meaning creation of more job opportunities.

The drug has a sedative effect. This is the second reason as to why its legalization is beneficial. The drug has several medicinal benefits besides relieving pain. Firstly, Marijuana to medical researchers cures some mental disorders (Gieringer, Rosenthal & Gregory, 2008). That means many people suffering from mental disorders will receive treatment and not suffer until death. Secondly, legalization of Marijuana will mean no more problems for patients with sleeping disorders. This is because research asserts that the drug enhances the quality of sleep.

Thirdly, there is a lot of revenue associated with Marijuana. The government needs to legalize the drug, as it will provide income through taxation. The government will benefit at various stages with the legalization of this drug. For instance, research establishes that the government will earn close to $1.4 billion dollars as tax returns in the state of California. This reflects the amount of money the government loses by refusing to legalize the drug. In addition, the government will benefit from legalization of the drug since it will become a cash crop meaning a wider market for it. The government will trade with other countries that do not plant the drug earning the government some cash from the trade.

A lot of campaign takes place against the cultivation of the drug. In turn, employment of many state resources in this campaign means more cash required for the campaign to be a success. However, the legalization of the drug will change the trend and make the state to benefit from the drug instead of using more funds fighting it. The funds used for fighting the cultivation of this drug will assist in other projects. Some of the costs incurred for countering Marijuana include the government paying for services such as health care for people dependent on it. Legalizing the drug will scrap such costs from the government's expenditure (Gerber, 2004).

In conclusion, despite the fact that the drug's legalization is questionable, several benefits will emerge from its legalization. Farming of Marijuana can yield income and provide employment for people working in processing industries. The drug is vital as a medicine. It cures mental disorders, acts as a sedative and enhances the quality of sleep to those with sleeping disorders. Lastly, the drug will benefit the government if legalized in that it earns the government tax and the money used in the fight against the drug will be beneficial to other significant projects. Since there are many benefits associated with the drug, is enough pressure mounted supporting its legalization?


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