Free The Preference for In-Kind Over Monetary Redress Essay Sample

Everyday people all around the world wake up to go to their places of work. Some have multiple jobs while others just have hobbies that they do during the day or night. All this is in the search for money which is spent every day by everyone in the world. We as human beings are peculiar people since we live our lives mostly searching for money only to spend it as soon as we receive it. It is therefore a very important and vital aspect of our everyday life and is as such one of the few things that is common with every person regardless of their position or location on the planet.

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People often work to earn a living which is by being paid in hard currency. At times it becomes too difficult or impossible to pay someone in cash and as such one may be given the option of holding a favor against another person as the debt to something they have done for them. In this respect, it becomes paramount that the two parties concerned agree on the mode of repayment since there is no money involved. One party may decide that they will repay the debt by doing a favor for the other party. This is a common practice whereby the favor usually cancels out the debt owed when it is executed. One may be called upon to take up that favor any time but it is mostly done when the estranged party is in need of something which the other party is capable of achieving. Thus in simple terms, one still does repay their debt only in other forms and not in cash. This can be passed on as doing something in kind whilst forfeiting the monetary value.

It should not be confused with humanitarianism since the person who is owed would never forget that there was or is someone that owes them money. In this case it is also important to note that the money owed can never be asked for again since it already changed into a debt that is to be repaid in terms of a deed. It is worth of noting that most of the people who go on to ask others not to repay their debts to them in cash as is commonly done are people who know each other well or people who share either a work place, a home or have something in common. One of the two parties has to be in a position where he or she can assist the other in one way or another thus the need for one to even want the other person to owe them. Once the owed party asks the other person to do them a favor, then it is most likely that that whatever that is being asked of them will be done. Once the favor is done then none of the two will have a debt to the other unless they get into a similar agreement later on.

When one takes a look around the world that we live in today, it is almost impossible not to note someone who is in need of assistance in one way or another. Some need money for various reasons; others need medical care and other forms of assistance. At times one may feel the need to assist as much as they can but their type or mode of assistance may not be by offering those afflicted with cash or monetary aid. People may give their old clothes to those that need clothes, food and food items to the hungry or a ride to someone that needs one. All these are actions that may have warranted monetary payments but have been offered in kind to those in need. It is thus noteworthy that people do not always have money in cash with them at all times and as such there has to be a compromise on other ways by which one can assist or repay a debt if they had no cash on them. Of most importance is to ask whether it is possible to one day find that people no longer hold money in such a high regard. Is it possible that one day we may go back to exchanging goods for goods and services like our ancestors did without involving the use of cash money?


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