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DarcyCorp Enterprises (a fictitious company) has an employee base of 10 employees. I was charged with the responsibility of preparing the salaries schedule of the company's employees. The employees work both normal and overtime hours. The normal hours are paid $54 per hour, while the overtime hours are paid time and a half of the normal time; this amounts to $81 per hour. I created the excel spreadsheet which included the following columns: The name of employee, normal hours worked, overtime hours worked, total hours worked, gross normal-time pay, gross overtime pay, and gross pay. There were ten rows, listing the names of the employees.

Explanation of the Figures

The name of employee, normal hours worked, and the overtime hours worked was obtained from the time sheets of the company. The total hours worked were obtained by summing normal hours worked and overtime hours worked; for instance, [= (B3+C3)]. The gross normal-time pay was obtained by the formula (normal hours worked* Normal time hourly rate); for instance, [= (B3*54)]. The gross overtime pay was obtained by the formula (overtime hours worked* overtime time hourly rate); for instance, [= (D3*81)]. The gross pay was obtained by summing the gross normal-time pay and gross overtime pay; for instance, [= (E3+F3)].

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Note: All the examples provided relate to Irvin Mark.

Lessons Learnt:

In designing a spreadsheet, it is always critical to note that a need to add an additional formulae or data will arise. Thus, a good spreadsheet should be comprised more of planning and less of implementation. There is an option for inserting a column or row into an already complete excel file. This is done by highlighting a row or column, and clicking insert on the drop-down menu. A row or column appears ahead of the highlighted row or column. There are two options of summing the figures of a column or row. Highlighting the contents of the row or column, and clicking on the auto sum icon on the task bar. The sum of the values appears in the last cell of the row or column. Alternatively, there is the use of the formula. A sample formula would be [=SUM (B3:B12)].


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