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To carry on with our project, our group decided to have a meeting one day where we figured out the amount of the materials that we had. For instance, we had a 40 index card, 20 straws, 10 paper crib, 6 rubber bands, a scissor and staples. We played with the available material and drawing the ideas and began with one idea of constructing a round building consisting of different levels. Unfortunately, this idea failed due to inadequacy of materials and we opted to change the building.

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We made a plan of having another meeting whereby we were able to come up with the building of a different shape. During this second meeting, we started with the consideration of the limited materials that were available to us for constructing the building. We sorted all the materials that were required and tried to come up with a good building. To accomplish this, the group made several meetings and dedicated some hours for the library. We also reserved one room for the project.

We then worked for several hours and we came out with a working plan and every member of the group was involved. We also figured out on whom to do specific work. Some of the group members made some figures and played with the index card trying to figure out the best decoration for the structure. For example, Laura was given the responsibility of drawing, painting and decoration since she is has good skills in that.

In the process, we had a problem of incorporating the 20 straws which actually made us to fail in our first attempt. With the collaboration of each member, we finally came out with a square shaped building on which we added some layers and ended with the roof. This was a very interesting project because it was characterized by the coming together, working together and sharing opinions and suggestions.



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