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Atavist is a boutique publishing that specializes in the production of original nonfiction stories for digital, mobile, and reading devices atavist. This forms a special and emerging genre of fiction that seeks to fill information gaps between the long traditional forms of hard copy and e-materials. The digital publication and individual distribution ensure maximum audience attention, are less expensive, and target specific clients with specific information. It provides a platform to a captivating and inventive approach to journalism that gives the reader a new experience in nonfiction stories.

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The quality and accuracy of stories in Atavist are researched, developed, and reported by writers and researchers with an experienced team in diverse fields. Despite the variety of topics, Atavist stories are narratives that revolve around mystery, crime, or captivating events and achievements in human drama. To reinforce readership experience, the stories are laced with photographs, videos that are edited and fast tracked. The team gives the readers opportunity to interact with the stories and influence the choice they prefer as more captivating. According to Atavist, "these stories may evolve in response to our readers, or simply expand and change as new facts come to light while some may even involve the readers in the story itself."

These are generally digital creations without hard cover or glossy paper. This approach enables the team to include a range of applications such as free audio book for each reader and opportunity to flip back and forth. In addition to the above, the stories are unique and encompass the component of inline content. The inline content enables you to have a glimpse of what is behind the story and enjoy the reading. However, problems would emerge due to failure to provide the materials at affordable costs and compete with the publications from the manufacturers. This would render the stories non-competitive.


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