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Barrack Obama, the president of the United States of America is the most influential person i have ever met. I first met Barrack at my local church in Chicago, long before he became the president. He was very jovial, sociable and funny. When he stood to give his testimony, he immediately talked about his ambitions, of which being the president of the United States was paramount.

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Obama was a young handsome man of noble characters.  He embraced people with respect and looked ready to share knowledge with others. I can't forget how positively he took criticism when people made fun of his presidential ambition. One notable thing I liked about Obama was his attitude; he interacted with people he met with a lot of ease. It was not easy for me to forget him especially his big ambition.


Two years later I saw him rise to becoming the senator of Illinois.  And to affirm his ambition he became the president of United States of America four years later. Every time I watch him in our television, i get excited. Obama personalities, determination in life and courage have since made him my hero and indeed a role model I had always wished to have.


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