Free The Life of Helen Keller Essay Sample

Helen Keller is an iconic humanitarian figure who lived from the late 19th till her death in 1968. She was not well endowed in her up-bringing given that she was born in a very ordinary farming family in the South. After she lost her sight and hearing when she was just nineteen months old, it marked the turn-around in her life. Her parents sought for a good trainer, to help her learn despite their daughter's disabilities. She was therefore lucky to receive to receive this education, which was not common to other children who had such disabilities that time.
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She was therefore able to read and write in Braille, although it proved very difficult at first. She learnt many things and became very expressive of what was going on in her life that time. Her views gravitated her work to national status as her work was featured in many magazines and dailies across the nation. She authored very many books mostly focusing on her life, the disabled and even her political views.

She later started giving inspirational talks throughout the country and her speeches drew many crowds of people who came to listen. However the greatest accomplishment Helen Keller did was what she actually did for the disabled community in her country and around the world. She traversed the world and advocated for better education for the blind and deaf people. She also formed a foundation to help in her course.

Therefore through her work and books, Helen Keller is remains in history as someone who lived her life with the aim of making the world a better place for the less fortunate people in the society. She is remembered through her teachings in her books, the foundations she helped set up and even hospitals. A museum has been set up in her memory.


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