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I am writing in response to the job advertisement dated February 28, 2011 on (reference number 06589) for the position of a Mechanical Engineer at Jubilee Cable Handlers. I am of the firm belief that my strong technical experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering coupled by my impeccable academic credentials will place me in a pole position for the job.

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I am currently pursuing my studies at the UMACC that will culminate in a degree of Mechanical Engineering when I finish my studies in 2013. I was admitted to UMACC after graduating from high school in 2009 with impressive grades. This academic background has provided me with a firm academic foundation, which is the most important ingredient for success in the profession. Additionally, the institutions have also furnished me with invaluable off-the-job skills with regard to interpersonal interactions.

Since my childhood, I have always had an undying passion for the Mechanical Engineering. This passion has made engineering principles my main area of interest. These principles have turned me into a formidable student engineer, a trait I am looking forward to transmit into Jubilee Cable Handlers. I really do not have immense experience in the field, but I believe my transition from class to the field will be smooth due to my academic prowess and hands-on nature.

I would really be grateful if I am accorded an opportunity to discuss my academic qualifications, and the skills vis-à-vis abilities that I could bring to Jubilee Cable Handlers. I will be looking forward to hearing from you through any means of communication. 


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