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When making a presentation, the main aim is to communicate a point or several points to the audience as clearly as possible. The major method used to enhance the effectiveness of a presentation is the use of visual aids during the presentation. Visual aids range from pictures, photos, graphs, charts and even to some extents, miniature objects to serve as a representative of the subject. Visual aids capture the interest of the audience thus ensuring that most of the information reaches the audience.

Research has shown that the human mind captures images faster than spoken words. In view of this fact, the use of visual aids ensures that the audience captures and retains the information. They also serve as a reinforcement of the words in the presentation. Visual aids come in handy too for the presenter. The images will refresh his memory thus ensuring that he does not leave out any information.

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The visual aids used in a presentation should be carefully chosen as use of an irrelevant image serves as a distraction to the audience. The images used should lead the minds of the audience to the major points of the presentation. The number of the images used should also be considered. Too many images will distract the audience while too little might not be enough to get the effect the images were meant to have.

Proper planning before a presentation is essential if the presenter is to pass all the required information. Planning will also enable the presenter find the most appropriate visual aids. An outline of the presentation should be prepared before compiling the presentation. The outline will include all the major points that the presenter wishes to pass on. When preparing the presentation, the outline is used to ensure that there are no important points left out of the presentation. The use of an outline also saves the time used in the preparation of the final presentation.

When selecting the visual aids, the outline should also be used. The presenter can easily identify all the major points and look for one or two images for each point. This will ensure that all the images used are relevant and useful for the presentation. Lack of an outline leaves so much room for error that might hinder the main aim of the presentation: to pass on certain information to the audience. 


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