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Classical concerts are an important venue for conducting musical analysis. This is because of the simplicity of the musical notes and the melodic motions that are easy to follow. The classical concert attended involved music by Bach Minuet in G major piano, which is a piece that was included in the Notebook for Anna Magdalena during 1725. The piece was attributed to Johann Sebastian Back until 1970 although it is currently attributed to Christian Petzold. This paper conducts an analysis on the music played in a classical concert, which was Bach’s Minuet in G major.

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The meter of the piece performed at the concert was triple texture with the homophonic predominant melodic motion of the piece being almost conjunct. The melodic motion mainly refers to the quality of the movement of the melody. The piece was characterized by an almost conjunct motion whereby the skips were rare between two successive pitches. There was no voice in the concert because it was strictly a piano performance. The composer of the piece that was performed at the concert was Johann Sebastian Bach, who was a German composer. The musical genre of the performance is minuet, which refers to a musical composition that is written using the same time and rhythm and performed in a quicker pace in cases whereby the performance is not accompanied by an actual dance.  

The performance was superb due to the fact it attempted to integrate core musical aspects such melodic motion and was consistent in terms of steps and skips. From a personal view, the performers could have made use of melodic movements and contours to enhance the experiences of the audience. The choice of the minuet genre also enhanced the experience of the classical concert.


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