Free Steve Atkinson and Laura Foster Essay Sample

The comparison and contrast entails two main aspects: the likenesses and differences. I would like to compare and contrast Steve Atkinson and Laura Foster, both are my workmates. In this paper, I would highlight on various perspectives concerning the two people to outline their position in the society. I would describe some of their characteristic features, such as physical appearance, interest, career and personality.

Steve Atkinson is six and a half feet tall, has a heavily built and masculine body. He has shiny short black hair and green eyes. He usually wears his tight black three-piece suit. He once affirmed that he liked uniformity and stated that as his main reason for a usual outfit. Laura Foster is a five and a half feet tall slender woman with black long hair. Laura suffers from photophobia and always has her glasses on. She prefers to wear clothes of strict business style as well.

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Steve Atkinson is a charismatic man, and many his co-workers like him. According to Atkinson’s wife, she has the best husband and her children have a charming father. When Atkinson comes from work, he ensures that everyone receives a kiss on the chick equally before changing his clothes. Laura Foster’s family also describes her as glamorous and loving, though she is rather reserved and selective. Laura Foster believes that only her husband is worth a kiss and company.

In the work place, Mrs. Foster is busy performing her duties only and has little to share with other members of staff. She vests her interest only in the work and rarely cares about her co-workers, while Dr. Atkinson displays his interest in the welfare of other workers. Atkinson once stated that many views him as a hero, yet they significantly contribute to his triumph. According to Atkinson, a hero refers to a person who attributes to positive changes in other persons’ lives. Therefore, he believes that he will reach his point of actualization when both the workers and the organization’s stakeholders achieve potential advancements.

Laura is industrious and determined to achieving her objectives both at work and in her family. Laura received the present for the most devoted worker in the company during the last year’s Annual General Meeting. The director describes her as a real ‘human resource’ of the company. The annual evaluations of performance revealed that Laura had all her office work completed on time unlike other workers. Similarly, Steve Atkinson is also hard working and received the reward for the overall best worker. The board described Dr. Atkinson as versatile, efficient and the most reliable worker in the company. Laura Foster works as the assistant manager deputy in the human resource department, while Dr. Steve Atkinson is the organization’s manager for planning department.

Atkinson is soft in speech and firm in his decisions during his deliberations. Conversely, Laura Foster is resolute but rough, especially during challenging circumstances such as problem solving cases. Other staff members view Laura as a demoralizing person, who dreads and averts challenges through emotional expressions. She easily gets aggravated and performs under the influence of emotions both at work and home. In the middle of last month, the director received information that Laura had assaulted her house maid. In contrast, Dr. Atkinson is a humble and contented man. Atkinson reasons beyond emotions and base his judgments on critical analysis and rationality. The workers who have engaged with Dr. Atkinson attest that he is worth the utmost profile in the company due to his sagacity. In conclusion, Dr. Steve Atkinson and Laura Foster are quite different personalities that yet have some common characteristics as well as completely contrary ones that distinguish them and their lifestyles.


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