Free American Civilization Essay Sample

The agriculture Adjusting act restricted agriculture production in the New Deal era controlling farmers not to plant part of their land and kill off excess livestock. The main aim was to reduce surplus and raise the value of crops. Many companies which processed farmer products were taxed and negative part is it led to the great depression which affected the economy. The direct prices support or subsidies are established by the American government to control how much a famer can grow and still qualify for the price supports (Hamilton, 1935).

Allotment works in conjunction with limitations and tariffs, farmer are directly paid not to produce, they just subsidized if they produce too much.US locates billions of dollars in farm subsidies each year which is rooted in the great depression. According to statistics by American budgeted, 66$ billions is given to farm subsides. This means crop insurance is made cheaper. Famers mainly who grow staple crops like wheat, soya beans, cotton, corn; they get check basing on the acres they grow crops. Some crops have set the prices, and incase the price go low the American government makes up the difference for the farmer. They have gone further to pay famers not to grow crops so that a limited supply will keep the price higher. Specific area gets earmarks and Kentucky famers are paid to breed racehorses (Hamilton, 1935).

As much as social security act tried to limit what were seen as the dangers in the modern life, which include old age, poverty, unemployment and other burdens of windows and fatherless children it controversial when originally proposed. The main point is that it would allegedly cause unemployment. But still the advantage part of it stands out as it will encourage  workers to retire, thereby creating opportunities for the younger people to find new jobs, Hence lowering unemployment rate (Campus, 2011).

The objection to paternal government is not that it failed the attitude of Laissaz faire which thinks that its office is to make people good, to promote morality, but rest on fallacy of morality. The morality consisted in the objective performance of self obligatory duties. It makes it possible by narrowing the room for self obligation of duties and for the play of fair minded motives (Campus, 2011).