Free Benefits of being an EU member to Poland Essay Sample

The benefits associated with being an EU member to Poland serves as an incentive for all nations that are ready to fulfill the accession criteria in order to be engaged in political and economic reform. In the light of this view, there are a number of benefits of being an EU member to Poland including more jobs, a loader international voice, greater protection for workers, protection of environment and greater equality.

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Poland membership in the EU implies that it will benefit from the free movement of human resources, capital and goods. The outcome of this is an increase in the job opportunities for the Poland citizens, because it will result to a growing domestic market. The European Round Table of Industrialists approximates that the EU enlargement has the potential of creating approximately 300,000 employment opportunities for its member countries. The outcome is that Poland will benefit from the diverse European labor market in order to meet its employment requirements and can use this advantage to offset the long term effects associated ageing population and slow growth rates of the productive population.

The second benefit to Poland for being an EU member is that it will widen its international voice; this is mainly due to the influential nature of the European Union on a global scale. The EU functions using a hybrid system comprising of super-national independent institutions and decisions that are made inter-governmentally by the member country. Poland benefits from the single market developed by the union through the standardized legal system of laws that are applicable to all of the member countries. Through the EU policies, Poland is in a better position to enhance its influence in global politics; this is further enhanced by the fact that Poland hosts some of the international legal institutions, such as the International Criminal Court.

Another benefit of the EU membership to Poland is that there is greater protection of workers, especially in the view that it has reinforced the workers’ rights. For instance, there are the EU laws aimed at ensuring that the working environments are safer, limitations on the working hours and compensation for injuries while working. The EU works in collaboration with diverse partners, such as employers and trade union with the main objective of ensuring that the employment laws address the critical issues. In addition, Poland benefits significantly from the European Employment Strategy that was implemented to enhance the functioning of the labor markets, create job opportunities and enhance job quality and working environment.

Another benefit of the EU membership to Poland is that there is greater protection of the environment and war prevention. The EU established policies aimed at protecting the environment. In addition, accession nations have spent large amounts of money in order to improve the quality of air and water in a manner that conforms to the standards established by the EU. Poland benefits from the decrease in cross-border population, which in turn has positive externalities. In addition, there are a number of the EU policies that have been implemented to address specific environmental issued, such as noise population, water pollution and air quality.

Greater equality is also a significant benefit for Poland’s membership in the EU. This is because the EU itself was established on the principles of equality and non-discrimination. Poland benefits from the fact that the EU is characterized by community stability, respect for democracy and equal prosperity. The fundamental rights are a core area of concern in the EU, especially under the European Convention on Human Rights. This makes Poland a member of a stable community that greatly considers the core aspects underlying equality. 


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