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Dell Corporation is one of the leading manufactures of computers in the globe and the way it displays its products in the market matters a lot due to the impact it has to the likely to be realized sales. Due to this the choice of how the venture should position its product between the sale of computers in the physical stores and facilitation of the online ordering is critical. Due to ease of product accessibility the corporation consumers expect the venture to have online displays to enable them compare products and then decide how they are going to enquire and buy. This report solution will focus on sources that are practical and realistic to the decision making process of whether the corporate should offer computers in stores or facilitate online order placing.

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According to Caroll & Broadhead, it is more efficient if the corporation adopts the online sales of computers as opposed to the stores display because it opens up market to literally all areas of potential market globally and it is a cheaper method as the transportation costs as well as other store charges are avoided which is positive in the corporation profitability and economics in financial management.

The option is affordable and viable towards the realization of the organizational goals and objectives of achieving market leadership as opposed to the physical stores display of their products. Usage of stores display results to increment in operational costs as the entity shall cater for human resources and other relative costs involved.

I advise the Dell Corporation to invest in the online option for computer sales and marketing because it is realistic to the emergent trends in customer product choice and acquisition a factor whose ignorance would deny them reasonable trade. To ensure this option is realized at the expense of the other, the venture should allocate resources towards its implementation and take the initiative as quick as possible after which the swift implementation will yield significant returns to the corporation. The adoption of the online computer ordering will result to the realization of reasonable returns within a realistic time span.


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