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There are many issues that will define the next election, and it is not possible to determine only one issue that can single handedly determine the outcome of the upcoming presidential election. Some of the issues which have been on the forefront and which Americans hold dear include: the economy, social security, emigration, national security, government involvement and issues pertaining to energy and climate change. But if last election is a pointer as to the degree of importance Americans attach to these issues, then the economy ranks highest and is likely to be the determining factor. The health of our economy has ramifications for all other sectors and affects the lives of all citizens. The growing inequality between the rich and the majority poor has been a matter of great concern with rising unemployment and escalating cost of living. Only that candidate, who can demonstrate the ability and willingness to improve the economy, reduce inequality, and improve the well being of all Americans, stands a chance to become the President of the United States of America.

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History has shown that Americans can cast aside a sitting President or elect another based solely on his inability or ability to handle the economy. A good example is FDR and his four terms due to his demonstration that he could steer America out of the great depression. America is not safe from economical crisis, as demonstrated by the recent recession, and the people wants a leader who is prudent and daring enough when such a situation occurs. Bush and the Republicans were not up to the task and it is the main reason why the people chose Obama to get the county out of the recession. While Obama has done a commendable job in that regard, the economy is not fully recovered and Americans will only elect a President who shows a good and viable economical agenda. This means working closely with Congress to create a fiscal strategy that increases opportunities for business, improves employment, and reduces taxes for the people.

The government has several programs that are aimed at helping the people. Even other programs like infrastructural development are beneficial to the people, since increased government spending spurs economical growth. A healthy economy means that both Federal and State Governments have adequate revenue to spend on welfare programs and invest more in infrastructural programs as a way of reducing poverty. It also means that there are better business opportunities leading to increased wealth for all and reduced unemployment. People can, therefore, afford to live better lives and have access to vital services like health care and social security among others. People also feel confident about the future if the government is able to resolve its financial issues fast and amicably, rather than to bring the country to the edge of economical shut down.

There are many issues that Americans regard as important; therefore, how candidates address these issues will determine who gets to sit in the ‘oval office’. Some of these issues are economy, social security, and emigration. But the one issue which tops them all and has always played a major role in determining the winner is the economy. This is especially at a time when America and the whole world have faced and are likely to face more financial crisis. Americans are looking for leader who can steer the economy away from these issues and spur growth to benefit all people. This means addressing the growing inequality and level the filed for equitable distribution of wealth. However, a candidate with a strong economical agenda will still have to show his ability to address all other issues that Americans care about. 


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