Free Factors Increasing Job Opportunities Essay Sample

Security field is one of the areas of operations, increasing opportunities all over the world. There are increasing professional, security opportunities in various field and industries. These opportunities vary from the entirety level, managerial, investigative, and specialized area. There are various factors contributing to the increasing job opportunities in the security field. These include increased areas of specialization in this field, the increased number of corporations, and sectors requiring security services.

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The areas of security specialty increase as the needs of security, and hence the employment opportunities.  Currently, there are five areas of security specialty including, physical, information, experts and operational personnel for effective security services.

There is the increase in number of commercial banks and other financial institutions. These corporations uphold the need for security as they deal with extremely liquid assets. They also need security for loans and mortgages they offer to their clients. In this case, they hire proprietary guards as well as contracting security services from security corporate.

Security has been a concern of many at the workplace and in their residential homes. Commercial real estate industry recognizes the need for security and hence is striving in providing security in commercial and residential building. These services increase security job opportunities.

The number of Education institutions is increasing all over the world. These institutions call for security for their property, personnel and students. On the other hand, the number of professional tutors required in these institutions increases as the demand for security training increases and hence, absorbing more tutors than before. These institutions particularly colleges, institutes, and universities are taking no chances and hence they employ more security personnel than before.

There are several other areas through which security job opportunities have been increasing. These include government, industries, and health facilities, cultural achieves and museums, agricultural equipment and lodging and hospitality field among others . The increased incidences of theft, fraud and terrorism, are the main accelerators of need for security and, therefore, increase job opportunities in this field.


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