Free NYU Economic Master Program Essay Sample

From when I was a child, I observed my father build his financial company and make it a great success. My father’s hard work fascinated me and with time I developed a profound interest in the study of business. Though I did not understand the intricate workings of my father’s business I knew I would one day like to follow in the same career path. This was one of the reasons I started my own internet store in China.

I had my first real work experience the summer after I graduated from high school. I worked as an analyst’s assistant in my father’s financial company. In the three months I spent working at the firm, I researched on companies that clients intended to invest in and reported my findings.      

I also worked at EFG Bank in Shanghai as a personal financial assistant between June and August 2010. While working at the bank, I acquired immense knowledge in financial goods and services. I also learnt how to give professional advice to clients, filing reports and designing product fliers. Between June and August 2011 I worked as an intern at Knight Frank in Shanghai. During that period, I assisted the Director of Global Company users in the Shanghai market. I was also involved in building a consumer list in excel and analyzing raw data for projects.

I feel that having worked in the above named companies I have gained sufficient professional experience and I have also discovered new dimensions to economics that I would like to pursue in a master’s program.

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As an undergraduate student at the Syracuse University, I had the chance to test portfolios and was able to calculate VAR dimensions. I was also able to use a cleaned co-variance to calculate an efficient frontier.  Having done this, I am especially interested in further pursuing risk management and quantitative economics.

NYU is the right choice for several reasons, especially because the graduate school is well renowned all over the world. I also like the fact that the university is located in a cosmopolitan city like New York. This would also give me an opportunity to carefully examine the New York Stock Exchange. I also see the master’s program at NYU as excellent for my professional goals as well as my academic needs.

I have CSI membership in the American Red Cross Association and in Global China Connection. While at NYU I intend to participate in athletics and also teach yoga classes.

After obtaining an economics master’s degree from NYU, I strongly hope to work in the competitive New York City in the economic affairs sphere. I would hope to get a chance to work in a successful New York company as a consultant on economic matters. In the long term I hope to open up my own consulting firm preferably in New York.

I believe I have a passion for learning business; having grown up watching my father successfully build his business. Having learnt the fact that economics entails more than just finance, prompted me to gain a deep interest in the subject. Economics entails other disciplines that affect everyday life; which is uncommon in other business related courses. I believe that studying at NYU will provide me with the optimal academic foundation to pursue my future career. Thank you for considering my application.