Free Ethnic System of Supplementary Education Essay Sample

Education is the backbone of every society. Past studies show that immigrants of Asian origin tend to be performing well both in schools and in the American labor markets, as opposed to other immigrant groups in America. Various researches have been conducted to try and explain this fact. Min Zhoe believes that ethnicity constitutes the values, behavioral patterns, and norms which interact with the structural exigencies to give an ethnic group an identity. She believes that the ethnic social environment is responsible for the performance of an ethnic group anywhere. For instance, she compares the educational experience of the Mexican Americans and the Chinese Americans where the Chinese seem to have an upper hand. She attributes this to the difference in ethnic and social behavior between the two.

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Chinese schools is an extremely crucial part of the organization not just in China town in America, but also in other Chinese Diaspora world wide. All over the world, Chinese people are associated with high academic performance. This is attributed to community forces which refer to socio-cultural adaptations that are embedded in any community. To support this, she compares children living in the same social class from African-American, Mexican-American and Asian-American families. Although the three admit that education is their key to ever succeeding, only the Chinese children seem to perform better. This refutes the fact that it is the social class that determines the performance of an ethnic group. The Chinese value family honor exceedingly. Succeeding education wise is more of a family obligation rather than an individual goal. The Chinese lay so much faith in education that, unlike other minority groups in America, they have structured institutions that help reinforce the education of Chinese immigrants. The informal social setting is another fundamental aspect that influences the Chinese education. The Chinese community has an elaborate system of supplementary education that helps to enhance ethnic community educational values. However, it is not easy to transfer this system to other ethnic groups due to the diversity in culture. This makes the Chinese people unique. Finally, ethnic entrepreneurship in the educational sector helps to provide alternative after school programs for Chinese immigrants. All these factors contribute to the success of the Chinese children.

The Chinese people have made their mark in the education sector worldwide. They not only work hard to excel in class, but they also select subjects they believe will guarantee them a place in the job market. Their community system is largely responsible for this success. This is because, unlike other ethnic communities, the Chinese value education highly and a lot of emphasis is put on ensuring the children all succeed. This value instilled in the Chinese people is passed on from one family generation to another as quality education is considered a family obligation and pride. Chinese people are some of the few communities that have held on to their traditional values. This, in my opinion, is what makes them outstanding in their endeavor especially in the education sector.

The author, in this chapter, is seeking to answer the question  what makes the Chinese people so different form other ethnic groups. The author focused on the theme of tradition and culture to answer the question. The Chinese culture has molded the people in a manner that they still follow their traditions till the present day. They still consider success to be a family obligation and not an individual obligation. Another aspect is unity because the Chinese people have remained united over time. They have established Chinese schools as well as other after school programs with the aim of upgrading the education of the Chinese people worldwide.


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