Free Features of Ethics Essay Sample

The enhancement of habits largely depends on individual’s background cultural settings. The truth is that our behaviors are molded by the culture which comes from our social settings. Positive reinforcement accelerates learning of good behaviors at workplace. The behaviors of a person working in a given firm for a long time will largely be determined by the culture of the firm.

Leaders are the ones who direct the stakeholders all over the firm. They are to give directions concerning the place that a certain leader conducts in, creating the way ahead of culture. The leader should direct for and create ethical behavior by speaking, thinking, and taking actions. They are expected, as it is their main duty, to set good examples to other employees by demonstrating the due ethical behaviors. They also provide the resources for supporting and enhancing ethical behaviors.

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Corporations are supposed to offer protection to the people who in turn increase their engagement in the activities

Profit is the determiner of whether the business entity is doing well since it shows that the firm is meeting the society’s demands of goods and services.

One approach deals with the increment of harmony as well as the productivity by handling the employees well. Well performing businesses are associated with treating their employees well.  Managers are, therefore, expected to nurture the emotions of their employees by creating conducive environment for them.  The other way is when the employees’ rights in conjunction with their duties determine how they are treated by their employers.  These rights, according to employee defenders, are to protect their interests.  This comes from the laws as well as the moral principles.

Right to protection from overuse of authority entails due processes. It is also the steps taken by police as well as courts when dealing with citizens.  It explains the authority of the employers towards the employees. The employers govern all the activities that the employees undertake because they own the power to punish those who deviate, though this should be done fairly.  If it is exercised unfairly, both the employee and the employer suffer.  This affects the employees emotionally and psychologically. 

Technology leads to the access of information which belongs to another person intentionally or unintentionally. Technology discourages facial contacts between the employers and the employees.  It has also led to the creation of some new ethics in the workplace. 

Technology is monitored because the information is easy to access from varied sources. Technology allows people to exchange messages that would otherwise not have been exchanged. Monitoring the technology ensures administration of benefits at workplace.  It helps the manager to prevent productivity loss due to the wrong use of technology.  Employers are able to manage its resources.

Advertisement entails manipulation, which is strongly objected by the ethics. It also undertakes social practices as the sales reputation is decreased. Advertisement abuses people who are targeted and sometimes leads to non-rational motivations.


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