Free Making Sexuality into an Ethic Essay Sample

Beauvoir’s view of human condition refers to the contemporary practice of people portraying different actions from what their thoughts reflect. In this regard, the human condition refers to the element of self denial, which is captured in Sade’s context. In Butler’s world, there should be an element of sincerity reflected in human action and words, especially when they demonstrate relatedness.

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To demonstrate this fact, Butler makes reference to Beauvoir’s claim that a man who is contented with whipping a prostitute frequently was better than a farmer. The choice of subjects is unrelated in that he aims to create contrast between the two by ignoring the ethical and moral meaning, which he intends to pass to the reader. This makes him to appear as if he is sympathetic, which reveals the irony of the situation.

Moreover, Butler’s view of the human condition is that the human society tends to apply different moral standards to the so called ‘sex culprits’, who in this case are prostitutes. She feels that Sade literally dissolves her sovereign will by distancing himself from the actions of his lovers. Thus, this tendency to apply double standards in sexual themes is a major factor that characterises the human condition. 

Finally, in Butler’s view, self denial is a temporal trait of any human and Beauvoir illustrates this behavioural tendency. For example, this can be seen in the action of rearranging the scene to achieve sensual arousal as an actor, while at the same time maintaining a seat among the audience as a critic of the same actions.  Therefore, Butler asserts that before criticizing, one should also conduct personal reflection on their actions.


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