Free Childrens Functional Health Assessment Essay Sample

Functional health assessment is an outlined process used by nurses to get the current state of a person's health or illness. Children assessment is more complicated unlike for adult who can easily answer questions from nurses. Child needs more observations so as to obtain required information.

On health perception and management children's past history on general health which is normally recorded on their health cards on every visit to health center either during normal visits or when ill is of great importance in assessment. Children health should always be observed based on past records and in case of any change either in temperature, feeding modes, inactive while with other children in play ground and so on. These changes may mean the children health needs to be attended to and corrected appropriately.

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Nutritional metabolic is another key factor which is used as reference in children health assessment. Normally children have high metabolic rates and they are very active in feeding when their health is well.  It's recommended you feed children with well balanced food to facilitate their growth. This can be achieved by giving supplements to children and avoiding sugary food, junk food and too solid stuff and taking more fluid.

Children stool and urine color, quantity and quality should be observed closely and try and find if the child has difficulties in food digestion or bowel elimination frequency and weather with difficulties or normal. Same should be conducted or assessed in Urinary elimination pattern so as to find if there is any problem with bladder holding capability. Also excess precipitation of children may lead to bad odor and body organs such as kidnay and skin especially hidden parts needs proper care regularly.

Exercise is of major role in child health and normally children are very active and they required a lot of energy because most of their time is spent playing. A well balance energy giving meals should be feed to children especially at the beginning of day and bites follow before lunch time. This will ensure they have the required energy to carry on their activities and appetite goes high since digestion is taking place at a high rate to replace used energy. Any sign of child inactiveness should be of great concern because it's a sign of bad health and it should be followed to establish the reason as to why.

Due to activeness of children during the day, they make them worn out and sleeping is of much importance to their health and they should be given enough time to relax and grow. Children sleeping patterns should be observed and maintained.

Cognitive-perceptual is very crucial in child development. Assessment of the five senses should be assessed frequently and corrected immediately. Most affected sense is hearing and seeing. Normal check up should be done by visiting health centers to avoid any complication in future especially hearing and seeing. Concentration is also very important especially for those attending school because any difficulty make children not learn easily or grasps ideas.

Children self perception should be assessed. Positive perception makes them more jovial and more interactive with one another. This can boost their learning capability as well as their growth. In addition they should be shown parental love and care and not isolated from people.

To conclude therefore children's functional health assessment is of great importance and it should be done regularly may be by paying visit to health center or by their parent's for routine assessments. It's also important to note that child health is paramount in their growth and therefore it should be observed closely.


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