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In recent years there has been observed a tendency of the fragmentation that has proliferated in the health profession. Therefore, it creates a big question on the impact that it will have in this most sensitive profession. It also sparks anxiety on whether it will be of good to the completely public fraternity. Nevertheless, both side of the story can be looked at to ensure merits and demerits of this fragmentation are checked and a conclusion be drawn from them.

In recent years, there has been an increased challenge globally about the new infections and epidemics that have emerged and requires specialized attention. They have spackled realization of new policies that are required to tackle these upcoming health threats. These challenges go beyond current occupation and financing of the health care practices. Therefore, they require more biomedical research that requires specialized knowledge to ensure that they are well tackled. According to Barnett 1998, threats that have been brought about by such infections as HIV/AIDS, bioterrorism, increased chronic disease and disability, violence, mental illness and substance abuse requires diverse and brings about continued propagated divisions in the health care profession.

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Reasons for fragmentation

The reason that has leads to divisions in the health care profession in the world at large is the number of the suffering that is affecting the diverse population of the world. There has been a wide disparity in health that has been brought by mostly increased interaction among race, gender, ethnicity and social economical status. This has been mostly been contributed by the globalization. This has necessitated intense research in the field of health care therefore ensuring that fragmentation is inevitable.

In comparison to the earlier times, a more intensive research is required from health professional who a more from diverse and more specific field of health profession to ensure that they comprehensively conduct it. This is to ensure that they are capable of coming up with more pronounced effects in the health of individual behaviors, social economic factor, work environment, environmental toxins and the lack of community support. Therefore, to ensure that these problems are solved, an action is required to be taken that is not only healthy related but look to a broader health segment. This is through gaining a more fragmented ideas in the health profession that include the knowledge of logistics, housing , agriculture as well as education thus forming a more diversified professional outlook (Wasserman,1982).

To show how important the proliferation and fragmentation is worth in the current times, despite of the amount of cash that has been used in some of the countries health sectors such as United States Of America, financial disbursement method have been proven futile by the ever rising health not satisfaction. According to statistic, America is the leading country in spending towards health care facilities. Nevertheless, the result shows that the result of using all the cash than any other country in the world do not offer a directly proportion results. This tells us that the health profession is wanting and requires more diversity apart from money.

The unsatisfactory of their health care system according to Maioni 1998, has been cited in the field of infant survival, length and life quality, access to health care due to such things as poverty, as well as racism. With the mighty budget, U.S has only met 15% of the objectives that were set in the Health People 2000. Therefore, in the spirit of making these objectives met, the health profession has seen the necessity or otherwise forced by circumstances to form a more diverse field where people will get professional knowledge of different kinds more than the one that had been there for long time. This has been brought by the complexity of issues that are required to be tackled in the health care.

The other reason that had offered health profession fragmentation is the need that had been brought by the ever-tightening technology that requires these professionals to be well acquitted to new products and machines. To ensure that these machines are well utilized to achieve the desired result in the health care setting, such other causes are incorporated in the learning of the medical health profession. This has brought about many changes in the medical field.

The world has changed in a very great stride where globalization has made it possible for the entire professional especially the health professional to be forced to know other things more than their profession. They are required to get to other countries with different traditions. Therefore, this forces them to assimilate other issues either legal requirements on how to carry out their functions in these foreign land or languages. They also meet other methods of doing things or even teach the new health professional certain ways things are done from his/her place of origin. This has increased continuous separation in the health profession.

According to Millard 1982, the research that McGinnis and Foege did in US, they found that there is only 10% m0ortality rate that is reported due to lack of access to medical care. This shows that high spending in terms of cash cannot completely eliminate mortality rate. Other things that have been ignored by the healthy profession for a long time cause most of the deaths that are about 30% in US. Such things are clinical preventive services like immunization, screening for cancer early detection, and early treatment of hypertension due to lack of information from the people. Therefore, this has necessitated health profession to be split into sizable professions that cater for these auxiliary health challenges. In doing so, it is tantamount to ensuring continuous fragmentation in the health profession.

Nevertheless, the specific groups that are trained to deal with such early stage health care diagnosis and prevention have to be incorporated with other ideas that were not there initially to ensure that there are complete to take of the patient. Some of the skills that re incorporated in their learning career includes, proper budgeting to reduce poverty that causes many family not to access medical attention, teaching method to ensure that can be able to affect the knowledge of preventive measures to the people and technical knowledge of such things as insurances as well as diagnostic machine operation (Wasserman, 1982). This ensures that they are completely removed from the previous health care practices that made them only to stay in the hospital doing Medicare practices. The profession has been made more interactive.

A method that has made health profession more interactive is very helpful. It is because, the health of each an individual is taken with a lot of care. This is through information that is generated and offered to the public. Nowadays, health professional is not taken as thing that is held by some highly qualified people. However, a nonprofessional can understand his problem and thus helping the health profession is more specific in diagnosing his disease. This has been brought by the revolution that has been brought by health profession fragmentation.

According to the advantages that have been enjoyed due to this fragmentation in the field of the health profession, this fragmentation is desirable. This is because knowledge and more pronounced attendance to diseases that can easily be controlled are delivered. According to US statistics of the child mortality rate, half of the premature mortality is mostly related to behaviors that can easily be controlled. Such behaviors are cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, lack of exercises, and poor diet and substances abuses among other causes (Millard, 1982). However, through the fragmentation that ids seen in the health profession, these causes can be addressed at an early age therefore, saving more people's life.

Due to the advantages that have been observed due to the fragmentation that has been experienced in recent soon, the life expectancy has risen highly especially in United State of America reaching to 77%. This has been brought by early diagnosis of diseases and consequently appropriate advice on how to deal with their health issues. This makes most of the people to life positively and be health sensitive therefore high life expectancy.

There has been an improvement in the way patient has been able to access health care information; therefore, seeking earlier treatment in the disease process thus increasing healing capability of these diseases. Otherwise, due to increased health information accessibility, there has been cases where some patients has accessed information from online method and used them in their medication making them suffer more and even deaths reported.

Other problem of fragmentation in the health profession is possibility of lack of firm professional ethics, as patients will be exposed to medical practice. This makes the professionalism that the health care was held with to drop. This is because a patient is capable of demanding a certain medication from the health care profession, as they are able to access the information prior to getting to the health care places.

Most of the time that these professional may be used to research to ensure that they do not suffer from inferiority complex; this may be brought by health profession knowing that the fragmentation that has occurred in their profession has employed patient with information that patient may use to challenge them.


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