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Junk food is a term used on some types of foods thought to have no nutrients and when consumed in excess can be a threat to the health of the person eating it. Junk foods are ready to eat and in most cases, they have a lot of fats or sugar that does not add any nutrients in the body. Some of the commonly known junk foods include smoky, hamburgers, fried potatoes, and pizza among others. This article explores the causes and effects of junk food on teenagers.

The use of junk food by many in the society has been there for sometimes now. Nutrition is very vital in our bodies and helps a lot in curing of ailments we may be suffering from either physically or psychologically. Eating a balanced meal cannot be compared with junk food. The effects that come with the latter are far-reaching if what the experts have discovered is anything to go by. For the simple fact that most people would not like the idea of spending time in the kitchen, they have opted to ready-made foods that have no nutritional value in their bodies. The result of this behavior is untold effects on health of the public that has taken so much in this trend.

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The cause of these problems emanates from the idea of replacing the natural sugar with other complicated sugars that have been tampered with alongside the change of flour used in making of these foods. The logic behind these replacements is to keep the food in the shelf for a long time without going bad. When the food goes through all those processes, many nutrients go to waste. The additives increase the level of calorie that is the main cause of obesity. Health experts advise that the public should as much as possible avoid consuming these foods for the sake of their health. However, most people have fallen victims following the advertisement of the same and have always found themselves buying them.

The effects of junk food on teenagers are many. Studies carried out links some behavioral problems in teenagers with junk food. Junk food is associated with panic disorder that is very common in teenagers. Studies indicate that, when the level of consuming junk food is lowered, the symptoms in this condition equally go down.

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Another effect on teenagers is the complication on the already existing problem. For instance, teenagers who consume too much junk food are aggressive in most cases. A study carried out on young man who was very aggressive towards his grandmother indicated that, when the sugary food he used to eat was withdrawn, his aggressiveness equally went down.

Another effect on teenagers who eat too much junk food is the act of becoming antisocial. Some 28 juveniles were studied upon withdrawal of junk food and replacing it with balanced diet. This came after it had been noted that most of them were antisocial. After sometime, their behavior improved not because of the reduced sugars but because of vitamins that reduced the additives in their bodies.

Junk food in teenagers causes obesity. Instead of it providing energy in the body, junk food adds fat in the body leading to obesity. This definitely is a health risk and if not controlled it can lead to other diseases such as hypertension and depression.