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A p-plan is prepared to deliver components of a proposed program or activity. It considers all the aspects of planning which determine how the proposed program can be implemented. Time and resources available to implement a plan are very important aspects that are considered. This paper is meant to prepare a p-plan for a proposed public health program which is to be addressed donors, granters, lenders and government committees.
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The proposed new public health program is an initiative to introduce some changes to the existing health program in order to improve the health of the people. The implementation of the new plan requires some form of organization. The health organizations will need to be updated on how the program will be implemented. This kind of information will be communicated to the heads of the health organizations that are expected to benefit from the program. The heads of the respective health organizations will be required to prepare own implementation plan that should be in line with the wider plan. The preparation of the implementation plan will be a participatory approach whereby all the stakeholders will require to be informed. Informing the stakeholders would help to reduce any conflict of interest that may arise during the implementation stage. In addition, a participatory approach in decision making will ensure that broad base knowledge is brought together.

The operations of the new public health program will be done following the guidelines provided. The guidelines require to be sent to all public health organizations in order to familiarize them on what the new program is expected to achieve. The steering committee will also need to involve all stakeholders when setting the guidelines to be followed. This is meant to ensure that the views of all the stakeholders are incorporated for the purpose of improved health. 

The human resource component is very essential when introducing a new health program (Edelman, 2009). The human resource factor is required in the case where human personnel will be deployed to different places to create awareness to the public. Since the program is new, health organizations will be required to hire more staff members to assist in adopting the new program. In addition, the human resource factor should also be considered during the planning stage of the new health program. The people who formulate the program need to have time to se the guidelines of implementing the program.

Information system is a vital factor whenever a new program is introduced. The information system is meant to provide a database in which all the information can be stored. Such information include: the data of the number of participating organization, figures of the expected beneficiaries based on their regions of residence. Such information system should be of a high level technology in order to ensure that any required information can be accessed whenever it is needed.

An affective communication system will be required when implementing the new program (Edelman, 2009). This communication system will ensure that information can be conveyed easily and at any time. The information in this case can be the information regarding the feedback process of the program. All the mentioned factors will have an impact on the financial requirements of the new program. The program would therefore appeal to donors and well wishers to generously contribute resources that would help to ensure that the program is effectively implemented.

This paper has established that there are several actors to be considered when the new program is being implemented. All the factors require to be supported with adequate financial resources in order to ensure that the program succeeds.


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