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Stress is the end result when the state of human or animal body fails to respond as required to physical and emotional threats occurring to the organism whether imagined or actual.  In most instances, stress cause serious health problems but ironically, small health is good for one's health to some extent. This occurs as it creates an excitement, flavor or interest on a person resulting to positive stress. Health may cause short term health problems or long term problems depending on the level of stress that the individual is going through and for how long.

People with stress do end up having symptoms that are physical, behavioral, emotional or cognitive. This symptoms include, negative outlook, poor judgment, feeling loneliness, inability to relax, agitation, irritability, moodiness, excessive worrying, diarrhea, rapid heartbeat, chest pains, sleepless nights or sleeping too much, social withdrawal, nail biting behaviors, eating too much or eating less, dizziness, nausea, neglect to responsibilities and drug consumption. Most of this indicators end up affecting the health of the person mostly if they persist for a long time.

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One way that chronic stress affects the health of a person and the body at large is that it causes too much release of hormones in the body as the body tries to combat the stress. Such hormones released include cortisol and dadrenalin. These hormones slow down digestion and speed up heart beat. As a result of this, blood runs fast in major groups of muscles hence the body goes to a flight or a fight mode. In most cases, if the stress ends, the body is unable to go back to its normal state but it continues on that stress path making the body to be unable to recover. This leads to the body becoming vulnerable to great diseases and disorders.

The first disorder caused by stress is obesity. Where a person eats too much due to stress and they go on eating more as the stress increases, even when the stress ends, the person continues with that habit of eating too much. At the end, the person ends up being obese, a state that is not good for one's health as it may lead to other complications. On the other side, some people do not eat as required when under stress hence they end up with weak bodies that are immune to diseases.

Hearts diseases can be caused by stress mostly stroke, and heart attacks. This occurs as the blood pressure is increased hence one may end up overeating, exercising less, or end up smoking. One may end up with lot of cholesterol in the body that may end up blocking the veins and arteries of the body hence causing the blood flow to become a problem. The heart is forced to beat faster and stronger but when its unable, one end up getting heart attack and other heart problems which may lead to death.

Stress does affect the brain mostly the part that stores the memory leading to memory loss. When a lot of hormones are over secreted, cortisol hormones end up affecting the brain part processing and storing memory. Moreover, stress when experienced by children, it leads to impairment of developmental growth of children. Stress end up lowering the release of growth hormone by pituitary gland which result to the child growing up at a lesser rate than they should be. This mostly occurs where the child is in a family with marital discord like child abuse and alcoholism.

Sexual disorder is another problem that may be caused by stress. These may occur if the individual have a lot of anxiety and their mind is occupied hence they find it hard to concentrate when they are in sexual matters. Also they are small release of the hormones that cause one to experience sexuality, therefore one end up with a sexual disorder. Another health problem caused by stress is ulcers. This occurs mostly on stomach ulcers. When a person is under chronic stress, he end up releasing a lot of hydrolic acid and end up eating less, this causes the acid to burn the lining of the stomach which eventually result to ulcers which if not treated earlier may end up endangering the person's life.

Stress may also lead to hair loss. Excessive physical or emotional stress can cause hair to stop growing and become dormant or even fall out but the hair may grow again after some few months. Another hair loss which is more severe is where the white blood cells attack the follicle making the hair to fall within some weeks. This is called Alopecia areata. The hair may grow again after treatment.

Lastly, Stress can cause diabetes or make a person to be vulnerable to diabetes. To be specific, diabetes 2 is the diseases that occur due to stress. Diabetes occurs due to the body not producing enough insulin or if it produces the insulin, the body cells do ignore the insulin produced. Under this, stress causes the body to release less insulin and the release of other hormones, it also affect the insulin released making the body cells to lack insulin resulting to diabetes 2.

From the above health problems caused by stress, it is evident that stress is a serious matter that needs to be prevented instead of being cured. Most of stress affecting people can be avoided and reduced at early stage before it starts affecting the body. Health management is one of the best ways to reduce stress and improve one's health. Stress management includes, avoiding unnecessary stress, if one cannot avoid stress, then one need to figure out how one can change things so that the same problem does not come again in the future.

One accepting the way they are is a way to reduce stress and hence one become contended with his life ending up enjoying it and having many fun moments hence no time for stress. Eating healthy is still a way to ensure one reduces stress and the symptoms of stress. In conclusion, stress is something one cannot avoid fully but how one approaches life determines the amount and kind of stress that one goes through.


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