Free The Drinking Age Essay Sample

The world today is grappling with the problem that is alcoholism and drug abuse. While alcoholism has been an issue that has been with the society for some time now, the levels of drinking has gone high threatening the normal operations of mankind. If the situations are not contained at an early stage, then the world is in for a shock for its future occupants. As we already talk about this issue, countries such as Russia have already declared alcoholism a national disaster. Alcoholism is not about the individual, but about the factors surrounding an individual.

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Peer influence has been a great factor in getting more and more people into alcoholism. Not so many people got into drinking just because they wanted, rather it's the friends and associates that played a key role in making them accept the idea of taking a bottle or so. A person may not want to feel that he's not part of the group and end up drinking simply because his or her friends are into it. Eventually with many parties in the place, they end up finding themselves caught up in a situation they cannot control.

Drinking has been boosted by the availability of alcohol and proximity to the alcohol selling joints. Given that today's society finds itself rounded up in environment that dotted with alcohol, the chances of drinking is so high. Once something is available to the masses, then the chances of level of consumption being high is guaranteed. One can only drink if alcohol is readily available. However, what makes things worse is the fact that alcohol is addictive and as such getting into drinking is far much easier than getting out of it.

Today's society is faced with the challenge of uncontrolled drinking behavior. Given that this drinking age is full of liberal policies, the young Turks are getting into alcoholism and end up losing their purpose in life. This is a deviation from the era where drinking was limited to age and even the timing. Without proper world policies developed to check this trend, the world is likely to suffer as many would be useful personnel would be lost into drunkenness.


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