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"The current situation is such that everything is treated like basic rights. Things such as education, access to judicial system, police protection and access to fire control are perceived to be the fundamental rights of an individual and the society is more than willing to provide for them". The fundamental question should be whether healthcare is a privilege or a basic human right. Medical practitioners and public health providers in the US attribute poor health in the country to bad choices in life such as smoking, drinking and consumption of wrong food leading to medical disorders such as obesity, diabetes and CVHD.

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Background and History

There are costs that come along with people being sick in the society. There is even a greater cost of treating persons who are very sick and persons having contagious diseases. In the past, those destitute and incapable of affording homecare were taken in by the almshouse which also housed orphans, criminals, the disabled and the insane. However, some Americans thought that the deserving poor an example of these being the white widows deserved some better services which were the case of the revolution in the health care development.

The hospital

During this time, the mortality rates in hospitals were very high. This period was also characterized by the slow development of the germ theory hence doctors exhibited some sort of negligence. Doctors did not wash their hands when moving from one patient to another or even when dealing with cadavers to examining live people. This negligence by the doctors caused the death of many women who came to hospitals to give birth but would die shortly after child-birth as a result of uterine infections. However, the doctors started washing their hands and the occurrences of death reduced.

The pre-modern hospital

During the pre-modern hospital period, those who declined to obey the rules were thrown into punishment cells. Then came the modern hospitals era where new technologies such as cheaper linens and disposable gauges were developed. The emergence of modern hospitals was also due to factors such as the rise in immigration, urbanization and industrialization. These factors made it harder for people to receive home based care. In the late 80s and 90s

The modern hospital emerges

This led to the emergence of private hospitals since some of the individuals in the higher social class were not willing to go to even the cleanest hospitals. Unlike the public hospitals, private hospitals accorded the wealthier patients the privacy that they could not get in public hospitals. Government hospitals on the other hand provided healthcare to those considered undeserving in the society an example of these being the chronically ill, the insane and criminals.  The evolution of allopathic medicine has its roots in the Greek humoral medicine. This led to the development of purgatives or laxatives in treatment. The success of the vaccination of smallpox is also attributed to development of homeopathic medicine.

1930s founding of Health Insurance

The idea behind health insurance was prevent the frequency that patients went to hospitals. The foundation of these insurance made it possible for patients to access health facilities and charged on a fee-for-service basis. In 1970, the total US health care spending was an estimated $75 billion. The projected health care spending by CMS is an estimated $4.3 trillion by the year 2018. The US is one of the countries that devote most of its economy on healthcare. Health care spending in the US is fairly split between the public and the private sector with the private sector spending accounting for 54% of the total health spending while the public sector took the rest of the percentage.

Impact on People and Businesses

The cost of an effective healthcare system is covered for by the public who pay for things such as premiums of the insurance cost and other deductions. A recent survey revealed that 19% of families in the US experience financial problem s as a result of paying family medical bills. Despite this, health insurance premiums have experiences a consistent growth in recent years. The rapid growth of premium levels implies that workers are paid much higher wages than previous years.


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