Free Addiction Essay Sample

I totally support the fact that addiction should be considered as a disease. The use of the drugs to a big extend until one has no control over is directly a disease. A person will be referred to as a drug addict if he has no control over the way he uses the drugs. Once one has not control over the use of the drugs, it simply means his brain has lost the power to make decisions concerning the use of the drugs. This is the reason as to why drug addiction can be simply referred to as the disease of the brain.

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The other reason why I consider drug addiction a disease is the effects it has on the human body. It is quite clear about a disease, the disease is very destructive to the human body and it takes a very short period for the body to be destroyed. This is the same case with the drugs that most people are addicted to.  No drug that people get addicted to that is beneficial to the human body. All the drugs are very destructive to the human body and they take a short time to destroy the human body fully.

The responsible person cannot moderate the use of drugs and drug abuse. Once a person is addicted, he is a prisoner of the drug and has no control over the amount to use. It is through this reasons that covering the drug abuse disease with fair terms like substance abuse disorder or behavioural disorder is not doing and good to the society. Many lives are being lost through the engagement in the drug abuse activities and the productivity of people has reduced by a very big percentage. This is the time to use the right name and try to warn people from abusing the drugs because they are bringing self-destruction of their bodies.


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