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Boston living center is a non-profit making community based organization that fosters wellness in people living with HIV-AIDS and helps them deal with the changing needs of HIV positive people in a community. The center offers support for the victims through specialized treatment, counseling and education, and provides general support services. The services are absolutely free for the members and they include free testing and drugs; the center also provides a safe and confidential environment for their members.

The center was built to help people dealing with the HIV stigma; most of the people diagnosed with the illness often feel lonely, isolated and are not able to deal with the judgment from the society. The members of the organization arrange weekly dinners that are meant to bring the people with HIV together to help them not only cope with the illness but also thrive in it. In 2008, the center grew to over 1500 members and families; the organization offers social events, workshops and a supportive community for members.

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There are various support and donation plans that are available for donors to give their support to the center; they include:

1) Monthly sustainability. Well-wishers donate $25, $50 or $100 every month to finance the activities of the program; the funds are used to support the various programs of people living with HIV in the community.

2) Matching gifts. This is a plan by various companies to double or triple the donations of their employees; the companies do this by matching the donations of their employees.

3) Cornerstone. These are members that donate $1000 annually; these members do this through recurring gifts that are either monthly, quarterly, or annually.

4) Stepping stone. These are members that provide recurring gifts of less than a thousand dollars per annum or food donations.

5) Tribute gifts. These are donations that are made in honor of someone who died through HIV related complications.

6) In honor of gifts. These are gifts that are given during celebration times; the celebrations include anniversaries and birthdays among others. These gifts are meant to honor a friend or a family member in their special occasion. BLC sends a letter of acknowledgement to the person or persons being honored on behalf of the donor.

7)Good search and Good shop. Good search makes donations to various charity organizations including the BLC; anytime someone uses good search, they donate some of their income directly to charitable organizations. The Good shop donates 30 % of their income every time a customer shops online.

The organization also partners with various healthcare organizations that provide specialized treatments and workshops that are meant to help the members cope with the stigma.

Organizations such as STATSCRIPT Pharmacy offer advice on medication adherence and symptoms management. Partners AIDS Research Center collaborates with the BLC to open an on-site treatment information clinic; the clinic has well trained nurses that provide basic screening services, referrals to primary care, private member consultations and clinical research trials. The members also take part in Yoga and Tai Chi classes; the mental health program that gives short term therapy sessions by licensed clinicians.

The Home Stead program in collaboration with the Latino health Program and Bay Coce houses homeless people living with HIV. The program aims at getting permanent housing for its members; most of the members have substance abuse or health issues.

Legal, financial and housing consultations are given by various law firms to help the members with the various law suits and issues surrounding them.


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