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As has been highlighted by recent news by the media, bullying is a real issue and can affect any one of us. Therefore, it is time to focus on measures that can be taken about it. In giving a presentation between two groups, parent/teacher group and students, pedagogy and andragogy will arise.

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  • Motivation for the subject matter results from external pressures and consequences of bullying.
  • Although the parents/teachers are dependent on my presentation, they are not fully dependent on my presentation as they can contribute to the discussion.   


  • Parents/teachers will be responsible for their own learning and they will evaluate my approach on bullying themselves.
  • They will be a rich source for one another on the subject matter and experience will become the source of self-identity.



  • The learner will dependent upon me as the presenter for all his/her learning.
  • I will assume full responsibility for what I present and how it is learned and my experience will be more influential.
  • The learner comes with little experience that can be used as a resource for learning and I will evaluate the learner afterwards.


  • The learner should be self-directed.
  • The learner will be responsible for his own learning.
  • Changes will likely trigger the learners’ readiness to learn and the need to know will be important (Pedagogy vs. Andragogy).

Content between the Parents/Teachers and Students and goals they need to achieve

Content between the two groups will differ substantially. This is because parents/teachers have gone through bullying in one way or the other, while the students are likely to be virgin when it comes to bullying. Parents/teachers should be insisted on the importance of instilling discipline and discouraging their pupils not to engage on such barbaric acts. The students are the ones who will experience bullying and the program should be student-led and let them act as the “change agents” while vowing, earlier not to engage in such acts. I will expect teachers/parents to warn the students about bullying, while the students to respect other students’ rights and never engage in bullying. 


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