Free How Political Economy Relates to Body Essay Sample

The human body is a part of the human existence, and should be viewed as being sacred. This has always been the traditional view of the human body, dead or alive, and this view should not change simply because society continues to change. Competition in the market place and the emergence of new marketing trends has resulted in a change in the marketing approach, and this has led to the compromising of several norms. One moral norm, which society seems to be discarding, is their sacrilegious treatment of the human body, as they chose profits over ethics. This is a new political economy where political players, corporate firms, and professionals conspire to turn the human body into a commodity, which is salable, like every other common product, with complete disregard to culture or religion.

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There have always been strict rules and regulations pertaining to the disposal of the human body, and the preservation and use of donated body organs. The sale of the human body or its organs has always been prohibited on moral and ethical grounds. The growth of medical research and the emergence of advanced medical technologies have made it possible to utilize body parts to treat several conditions. While the government acts as if there is no express permission to sell organs as a commodity, the existence of processing fees on freely donated organs speaks differently. There has even emerged a strong debate regarding the need to liberalize informed consent to the sale of the body parts. This kind of political debate coupled with medical advancements, and aided by market practices will undoubtedly make the human body and its organs just like any other commodity in the global economy. 


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