Free Obesity in the United states Essay Sample

Obese is a term used to refer to a person with a body mass index (BMI) of over 30 kg/m2.BMI is known to be the body weight in kilograms (Kg) divided in Meters Square denoted as (kg/m2).  Obesity has cost governments a fortune in their relentless efforts to crack down on this anomaly in the citizen’s bodies. In the United States, a total of $75 billion was set apart for the fight against obesity in 2003 according to Center for Disease Control and prevention. Obesity in Carnesie and Flatlands is not very prevalent as indicated by a low percentage of obese people as compared to the United States.

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Obesity in the United States has been a cause for worry in the past decades. A percentage of 33.9% of adult Americans are obese while a percentage of 33.4% are overweight according to a study of (2007-2008). A greater fraction of more than a third of only adults is amounting to a percentage 35% in Carnasie and Flatlands are overweight while 24% are obese. Obesity causes other severe health troubles mainly, heart disease and diabetes. In Carnasie and Flatlands, overweight and obese adults have higher chances of reporting ailments such as diabetes as compared to those adults who are underweight or normal.

Obesity has been a big problem in carnasie due to a number of health issues.  This stems from poor living styles as far as exercising the body and consumption of certain types of foods, for example those foods rich in calories. Obese is afflicting the residents of carnasie due to lack of health services, easy availability of healthy at the heart of communities. This is achievable through consolidating the efforts of individual citizens, other organizations operating within the communities and lastly public health officials to  help in setting up facilities for physical activity and giving advice on how to take a balanced diet in order to wipe out ignorance from among the residents. 


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