Free Pregnancy Prevention Essay Sample

As 9th grade students, you should understand that this is the year of a permanent record, when you will make a transition from middle to high school. That transition prepares you well for leap from high school to college and even from college to work life. This is the time we need to touch on issues about dating, hanging out with friends as well as peer pressure. The busy schedule will require you to learn proper organizational skills that will enable you live a balanced life, having time for demanding schoolwork, family, friends, hobbies and other activities. This is a time, when most students get to know more teenage life. At the same time, parents are learning how to deal with their teenager child. Parents let the students make their own choices and experience some freedom.

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During this transition, the freedom and peer pressure expose a student to sexual activities. Early sexual activities may result to pregnancy. Studies show that one in three girls will get pregnant before they are 20 years old. Students who get pregnant in school face a challenge and may not graduate. Their children are likely to lead a life of poverty since their mother is a school dropout. When a student initiates early sexual behaviour, it means that a student is more likely to involve in sexual activities with partners that are more sexual. In order to prevent this pregnancy, we should tackle the issue of early sexual activity and urge for delay in sexual involvement. Students should understand that not all teens are sexually active. You should find peer and friends who are not sexually active. Having several different groups of friends in the neighbourhood and a youth group will provide to you a better perspective of what others are doing. You should limit exposing yourself to videos, articles and TV shows that send harmful information about sex. With these efforts, you should be able to abstain from sexual intercourse. Saying no to sex is the cheapest, convenient and most effective way to protect you from pregnancy. This is the only technique that is totally effective.

However, a sexually active teenager should use some method of contraception to reduce chances of getting pregnant. The contraceptives are the devices and drugs that teenagers use to prevent unwanted conception. They can be barrier methods as well as hormonal contraceptive methods. The most common barrier contraceptive method is for the male partner to use a condom during sexual activities. The most popular hormonal contraceptive is the birth control pills that are considered more effective as opposed to barrier methods. In addition, the man should attempt to interrupt the act before ejaculation. However, the withdrawal method is known as one of the more risky and insecure pregnancy prevention technique since the man may not withdraw in time. There is also the technique of fertility awareness where you monitor a woman’s fertility cycle to determine her “safe” days. This is however, limited to the women who have regular menstrual cycle. They can predict the days when they are fertile in order to abstain from sex to use a birth control technique in order to prevent pregnancy during that time.

However, there is a clear indication of an unhealthy and anti-life impact in the usage of contraceptives in pregnancy prevention that is an ethical concern. Abstaining thus remains to be the most effective technique of pregnancy prevention and has no side effects. Apart from pregnancy, early involvement in sexual behaviour may result to infection by a sexually transmitted disease such as AIDs. Most of the preventive techniques applied in pregnancy prevention are also used in prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Abstaining and saying no to sexual activities is the most effective technique.

Another high-risk behaviour is tobacco and drug use.The risks such as homicide and suicide are also high in the teen years. Students should understand that tobacco use causes health problems such as heart disease. A student who is using tobacco also should keep in mind that the habit is a gateway leading to more serious drug use. Violent behaviour is also common to high school student. This is dangerous as it threatens the teen’s life especially for the males who engage in more violent behaviour. Drinking of alcoholic substances is unsafe and leads to death of students. It also causes threat to health as it may lead to liver cirrhosis.


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