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Question 1- Nervous System

A brain tumor occurs when harmful cells grow massively in the area. Majorly, some tumors may be cancerous while others are not. The cancerous ones, in most cases, occur as a result of infection to other parts, and ultimately spreading to the brain. When diagnosed with the disease, different people react differently. Nevertheless, the largest percentage suffers shock and trauma, as the mortality rate related to it has increased. If I were to be diagnosed with the disease, I would portray mixed reactions. First, I would be psychologically traumatized as I wouldn’t know how to survive it. I wouldn’t be sure if I may succumb to it or whether it could be contained. Secondly, I would try to internalize and accept the condition which would facilitate easier treatment. Other than using technical terms to explain the diagnosis to patients, it would be important to maintain simplicity as much as possible. For instance, a practitioner could regard it to a growth in the brain without necessarily mentioning the term tumor of cancer. Explaining it more sensitively would reduce anxiety and trauma on patients. As such, patients could be subjected to counseling sessions before the interpretation of results is done. In so doing, it would be easier to get in terms of the condition and attend all treatment sessions.

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Question 2- New Technologies

Handling professional duties in nursing has become more effective due to the incorporation of technology. For instance, the introduction and implementation of electronic health records have facilitated the retrieval of data and management logistics. To keep the changes in the system updated, every facility needs to invest in skilled IT personnel. Similarly, they may engage different EHR-related bodies, namely the American Medical Association (AMA). The two resources would offer hospitals dated information regarding the system, and where to instill changes when the need arises. The act would ultimately enhance the realization of patient-centered care.

Question 3- Contentious Public Health Issue

In 2012, the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics reported to the findings on how blood samples from newborn screening were used. According to the institution, there needed to be imposed policies that governed the same and ensured accountability at every level. Notably, the author mentioned that close to four million newborn babies go through mandatory screening, which is enhanced by blood samples drawn from their bodies. However, the leftover samples are set aside for quality assurance or state biomedical research. Some bio-researchers indicate that these residuals have enhanced a deeper understanding of genetic modifications which attribute to certain illnesses such as leukemia in kids. They suggest that the current generation ought to be at the forefront in advocating for the screening samples, as the residuals have proved to be resourceful for the health industry. On the flip, some parents feel that the move is unethical and needs to be abolished. Precisely, they suggested that the existing samples could be destroyed immediately. Considering the rate at which genetic diseases have been on the rise, is it right for the residuals to be destroyed in line with parents’ opinions? On the other hand, do you think it would be ethical for the practitioners to keep the residuals without the parents’ approval, even though they are rightfully used?

Question 4-Unprotected Health Information

The general well-being of medical employees is important in managing patient-centered care. The practitioners need to be of sane mind while handling the patients. Relatively, considering that keeping employee wellness data would allow for any follow-ups in case of related disorders, should it be optional for the subjects to submit? On the other hand, the provision can make the employees vulnerable to privacy invasion and stigmatization at the workplace; however, should the employers not instill measures to prevent such?      


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