Free The Role of the Community in African American Literature Essay Sample

Kimrooniez: To start off, a lot has been spoken regarding your leadership; please tell us briefly who Booker T. Washington is?

Booker: Oh! Firstly, there have been myriad adjectives that have actually been used to describe me as a figure in the society. I was born on April 5th, 1856 in a rural location in South West Virginia to a white father and a slave mother who were both laborers in a near plantation. I sought education life immediately after emancipation and thereafter was able to attend various institutions of higher learning in the United States.

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Kimrooniez: A lot of people view you as a successful author as seen in your writings. What inspired you to become a leader in the African American Community?

Booker: Slavery and discrimination is what triggered my intentions to fight for the freedom of Black people. In 1895, while addressing a congregation of blacks in Atlanta, one thing crossed my mind and I realized how much these people needed freedom. This won me a position as a spokesperson for the African-Americans which then led to a formation of network consisting of blacks who comprised of politicians and the public. In lieu to this, I also won the support of some of the liberal whites most of whom were rich. This in turn gave me a chance to fight for our (blacks) rights.

Kimrooniez: Your efforts are significant with the many institutions you have established in favor of the blacks community. How were you able to achieve this?

Booker: With the fruitful co-operation with the whites and some wealthy philanthropists, I was able to raise funds which helped me establish institutions of higher education and also school communities. By doing this, I knew that would better education for blacks hence eliminate illiteracy levels in the South and the Diasporas at large.

Kimrooniez: The African-American community is quite a significant community. What do you have to say concerning this?

Booker: As far as I am concerned, every human being has a right to live and act independently. By this I mean that Blacks have for a long time been misused and considered as trash. This is not so as if we blacks are given the chance and right to education, we can as well perform as the whites do. We have quite a significant number of black population which needs attention when national matters are addressed therefore we will still fight for our rights if need be.

Kimrooniez: Give a brief description of W.E.B Du Bois criticism against you?

Booker: My experience with W.E.B.Du Bois is a rough one as he insisted on the surrender of Blacks due to their insistence on Civil rights, political power and higher education of the Negro youth. This is against the blacks' wish and nothing of the sort can be tolerated. In this regard, W.E.B Du Bois is the figure who opposes black people's progress.

Kimrooniez: What is your view of the black community in the future?

Booker: Hahahaha! The future of the black people is bright. Indeed the war is tough but with pressure to have civil rights granted to us we shall surely emerge as winners and free ourselves from the bondage of any sort of slavery. The African-American community is just as important as the whites' community thus respect should be exercised at all costs.

Kimrooniez: Given a minute! What would you tell the world in regard to black people?

Booker: Kindly, one minute would not be enough so to speak but regardless of this, I would say that the black community is a community like any other. Respect and humility are our greatest attributes and with this there is need to recognize and respect the existence of blacks.


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