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This interview is in regards to issues in Rwanda, ranging from political, social to economic. Rwanda is a small country in East African. The country was affected by one of the worst genocide since the Second World War; the genocide took place in 1994 and led to over 800,000 people dying.

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Where is Rwanda locates in Africa?

The country is located in East Africa neighboring Congo, Burundi, Uganda and Tanzania

What is the population of the people of Rwanda?

About 8 million people. it’s the mostly densely populated  country in Africa

Which are the tribes in Rwanda and which is the dominant?

Rwanda has 3 tribes namely Hutu, Tutsi and Twa. The Hutus are the dominant tribe.

When did the genocide happen and why?

The genocide took part in 1994 and it was done by the Hutu’s who disliked the Tustis and they had the intentions of wiping out the whole community.

What are your views on divorce?

Divorce is a sin and people should not divorce as it wrecks the family. People should seek to find solutions to their problems. It is also a Whiteman’s problem as it is not common here.

What are the major causes of death in Rwanda? 

Lack of hospitals and also lack of good drugs, low number of doctors and poor technology.

Interview with an elderly woman

How old are you and what is your marital status?

I'm 69 and a widower.

What are your views on death?

I believe that death is an event where we shall all rest from all the troubles of this world. It a state of eternal rest that man must experience. As a Christian it will be an opportunity to meet my maker and account for all the things I did while alive. Death is an event that can happen to anyone irrespective of their age, therefore it is important that they always be ready for death by doing good deeds.


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