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Application: Probation, Parole and Intermediate Sanctions Probation

There are various ways used today that are used by the American justice department that are aimed at rehabilitate or punish law offenders. They are varied measures including the use of probation, parole, and intermediate sanctions in this paper we are going to understand what each entails and the most effective in rehabilitating the prisoners. Probation is a kind of punishment was a judge gives a convict; this is when the court decides that instead of the convict serving the punishment in the jail. The convict will serve his sentence outside the prison but will report to the probation officers according to a set schedule.

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Intermediate sanctions are a kind of criminal sentence where a convict is sentenced away from the prison. This is where the convict will be given a sentence that will confine and restrict his movements as the convict will be in house arrest or in an intensive probation were he will be closely monitored by cameras and drug usage for a given period of time.

Parole is were a prisoner who has served along time in prison and has proved to the prison authorities that he has transformed is released from prison inorder to complete his sentence out of prison.

These sentences are aimed at reducing congestions in our prisons, and it also giving the minor offenders some form of sentences other that serving there sentences in the prison with the hardened convicts.

Similarities of these sentences are aimed at reducing the numbers of prisoners in the prisons and also help in correcting the behaviors of these offenders. It's noted that in all these jail sentences, the convicts are away from the prisons and at the same time they are closely monitored by the prison officers till they complete there sentence.

They differ in different ways as parole the convict completes his sentence out of prison after serving a long time in the prison while probation the convict reports to the probation officer in a regular basis. While Intermediate sanction the convict's movements are confined out of the prison.

The most appropriate is the intermediate sanctions, I support it because it will reduce congestions in our prisons but at the same time keeps the prisoner away from harming others as each of his movements will closely be monitored.


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