Free Plea Bargaining Essay Sample

Plea bargaining is the process through which the two parties involved in a case enter into a negotiation which allows the defendant to plea guilty to his charges and in return faces lesser punishment. The accused accepts charges against him to be granted a dismissal or a reduction in sentence. Solving of this case is usually done outside the courtroom. It has been estimated that approximately ninety percent of the cases resolved in the US are done outside the courtroom. This shows that plea bargaining is very common and is used frequently.

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Basically plea bargaining benefits everyone provided there are certain exceptions of the citizenly and the victim. This makes it to be used extensively. The person who is accused is able to take off with very minimum or lesser punishment either in terms of a fine or a lighter sentence than he or she would face if he decided to take it to court for trial and he loses. This one of the major factors that makes people to prefer having to negotiate with the prosecutor and in the end there will be an exchange of something beneficial to them. Of course everyone tries to avoid harsh sentences, so its better they accept and plead guilty if legally promised of a subsidy in their punishment or a reduced sentence. Plea bargaining saves time, saves funds and other meager judicial resources and ensures easier work for the legal actors.

Therefore, this process does not favor the criminal defendant only but also favors other legal actors in the judicial process. The defense attorney is able to reduce the workload and free up sometime and space to take on extra additional work that require his or her consent. Hence he is even much assisted if a case is to be solved outside the court. The prosecutor is also able to increase his prosecuting rate per a specific period of time and boost his popularity and quality of his career. The judge is also not left behind, he is assisted to reduce the number of cases waiting for trial and free up some space too. The policemen also benefits from the process, he doesn't have to pass all those legal procedures of testifying and the wasted during that process.

Plea bargaining may seem very advantageous but sometimes it undermines the interests of some of the involved party and that is the victims of the crimes. Criminals find it easy to avoid most serious punishment through the process. The victimized person end up feeling even more victimized knowing that the criminal has avoided fair and justice trial. It sometimes does not suit the needs of the victimized party.


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