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This peer reviewed journal discusses the obstacles that are faced by deaf individuals in the Criminal Justice System. It explains how deaf individuals especially those that are not well educated stand at risk for encountering serious injustices upon entry in the Criminal Justice system. It exposes all the potential risks that are prevalent all stages of the legal process like for instance during arrest, trial, during probation, prison an in parole. The journal article highlights how deaf people around the world are faced with serious barriers upon entry in the legal system. The journal article reveals how perpetuation of injustices against deaf people has been perpetuated by criminal justice professionals who have failed in their duties of understanding the cultural, educational and linguistic characteristics associated with deaf people.

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It is through this journal article that serious injustices facing deaf people are reflected through the tribulations in  case study involving Mr. J, who is an African American deafened by meningitis when he was three years. This case study is a clear reflection of how the deaf are affected through the injustices in the Criminal Justice System.    

The major aim of the author of this peer researched journal is to portray how criminal justice research can be achieved even without the funding of the government or corporate organizations. With few avenues opened for obtaining funding for graduate research in Criminal justice, many majors all over the world have become worried about the high cost of conducting research. It portrays the view that one of the essentials for studying criminal justice is through the use of Multiple Research Methodologies. The peer reviewed journal depicts how data is gathered and analyzed with a view of getting relevant information which can ensure that the criminal justice system is strengthened.

Through the experience of the author, it can be ascertained that the use of multiple research methods or techniques can result into a low cost methodological design. It depicts how a student is capable of completing meaningful research regardless of the limited sources of funding.

This journal seeks to ascertain how there is a link between misuse of drugs, crime and the psychological problems in a criminal justice population. The journal is thus a study that was developed in order to inform the formation of new intervention in Criminal Justice programmes for drug offenders through the examination of complex interrelationships of drug crime, drug problems and generic crime together with social and psychological problems. After examinations of associations between the greater frequency of drug crime, crime and crime in general, the associations between a range of social and psychological problems and each of the factors was examined.

This peer reviewed journal article advocates the need for information regarding the associations between the use of drugs and crime in populations so as to inform effective policies. Obtaining accurate data regarding the use of drugs and its association with crime can greatly aid in informing development thus making intervention programmes in criminal justice to be effective. 


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