Free Legalizing Marijuana Allows Police to Focus on Violent Crimes Essay Sample

Amanda L. Stevens advocates for the legalization of marijuana since she believes that the process of curbing the drug use is taking a toll on the country’s economy. She points out that over the years, the number of people who have been charged for the use of marijuana has increased and this has cost tax payers a lot of money. The various ways in which the economy is suffering in a bid to fight the use of marijuana, according to her are:

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  1. Taxpayers have had to pay $ 1.2 billion to support the number of people who have been charged with the use of marijuana
  2. Policing and prosecuting people found using marijuana has cost tax payers between $7 billion and $10 billion.

In supporting the need for legalization marijuana, Amanda sights several premises for her argument. She says that stopping the use of marijuana is not quite helpful; since there are other harmful drugs like tobacco and alcohol which have been legalized. She cites that there are many deaths that occur as a result of alcohol and cigarette use.

She proposes there marijuana should be legalized as countries that have decriminalized marijuana use has actually realized a lower rate of the drug usage. Countries that have a strict policy on the drug use, on the other hand continue to record a high number of users. Furthermore, she states that there hasn’t been a scientific proof that the people who user the drug are likely to use harder drugs like heroine.

Finally, she cites that legalized marijuana would give an avenue for the country to get taxes that would be very beneficial to the country. The author states that legalization of marijuana will not lead to its abuse. This is an argument that is based on an assumption. She doesn’t know if this will be the real situation. Perhaps, if the country legalizes the use of the drug, it will actually lead to more people becoming dependent on it.


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